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Today marks the 100th post in the life of Your Other Brothers! And what a ride through the blogosphere it’s been these last five months.

We’ve shared a lot of lifestories and musings and even started a YouTube channel.

We’ve talked about big brothers and erections.

We’ve laughed.

We’ve cried.

We’ve started some substantive conversations, and we’ve caused people on both sides of the “gay debate” to call us confused and heretics, too. You know — just to keep it fresh.

Through it all, our community has grown exponentially month by month since we broke ground last November. As the head editor / founder / lead organizer-person of Your Other Brothers, I never saw us getting here this far, this fast.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for emailing the authors individually, thank you for sharing our posts online, and thank you for sharing your own stories as you join along for the ride.

We wouldn’t be here without our readership, and you all have proven to be quite a loyal following. We love you guys.

A week ago six of us authors met up for the day, including Kevin from Japan whom none of us had ever met in person. I’d already met the other four guys in my various journeys around the continent, and it’s always a thrill to reunite and witness my brothers meeting each other for the first time after blogging alongside one another here and on Xanga all those years ago.

What a world we live in where we can “meet” on the Internet and then meet “for real” in a single city and sit around a large table in a coffee shop for three hours and walk around city streets taking pictures and grabbing dinner and sharing openly about our stories of faith and homosexuality and hugging each other goodbye at night’s end.

We talked about the blog — the present, the future — and I’m confident our community will continue to grow and evolve in both seen and unforeseen ways.

But mostly that day, we just hung out together and enjoyed each other’s company — no sexual stuff, no messy romances. Just a bunch of Christian brothers from all over the country with one common Brother and Savior.

It’s affirming to come together every now and then for a “recharge” where we all “get” each other and can be there for each other, if only for a single passing day.

It’s good to be reminded — in the flesh — that we’re not alone.

And it’s amazing to remind you, dear reader, of the same:

You are not alone.

Maybe one day we’ll see you in the flesh, too.

YOB in the flesh! #brothers

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It's days like today that remind us why we do what we do and who we are in Him. #brothers

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How did you find us here at Your Other Brothers? What would you like to see more/less of here? Share your favorite post from our first 100!

  • Kevin Frye

    I’m smiling after reading this, but I want to cry!

    • I’ll take it! So great finally meeting you, Kevin. One of a kind.

      • Kevin Frye

        And you! Like I told Elliott, you’re no longer just an online friend, but a real friend whom I keep in touch with online while I’m away.

  • Malcolm

    Thank you guys so much for starting this blog. It has been a huge blessing to me, and I am sure to many other people. It is so encouraging to hear the stories of others who struggle with the same things that I do. I think that it would be so neat to be able to meet you guys in person.

    • We’re so glad to have you along, Malcolm. I have no doubt we’ll all meet one day, in this life or the next!

  • Karl Jacob

    Let’s see…I found YOB because of Tom, and I found him because Twitter suggested that I follow him. The internet is an interesting place 🙂
    I really have appreciated seeing the different views the authors have, even when I don’t quite agree. It’s good to think about things from a different perspective. And I REALLY appreciate the honesty and willingness to be very awkward I’ve seen around here. There are very few places where the kinds of conversations that result can happen.

    • Isn’t Twitter grand? So many connections from there. Glad you found me and us, Karl. We wouldn’t be the same without you!

  • Red

    Someone that I don’t even know shared the link to YOB, thankful that I clicked on the link and for the dude that shared it. Grateful that you guys are sharing vulnerably and provide an opportunity for the readers to respond. I don’t think I could pick a favorite post. So many of the posts have brought quite a bit of thought about my own experiences and its been a good opportunity to reflect and grow. God bless you guys.

    • Glad you found us via that share, Red! We’re glad our stories can connect with some of your own. Much love to you, brother.

  • mistaken identity

    I found out about YOB after coming across Thomas’s book on line. I finally ordered it and started reading it a couple of days ago. It is great. I had forgotten how acne had played a role in establishing my own shame. Hadn’t thought about that for decades. I honestly don’t know that I would change anything here. Favorite post? It is so very hard to pick one but how about “Let’s Talk About Erections.” My wife and I whisper that to each other now as we walk through the dairy section at Trader Joe’s or pass the candy store downtown just to get a rise out of each other. We even use it to initiate fun times now. Even though we have joked about it, it raised some serious and important points. Thanks for all that you are doing guys!

    • Glad you found our blog via my book! I’d love your complete thoughts on it when you finish; shoot me an email! And that’s hilarious about you and your wife’s “erections” joke at the grocery store. What an impact we’ve clearly made!

      • mistaken identity

        I’m almost finished, Thomas. I will write you when I am done. We have a lot in common despite 3 decades of age difference.

    • Kevin Frye

      Yay! My post is used for initiating sex! And I’m so happy that you just came out there and said that! Hahaha…

  • Brian

    Thank you guys so much for starting this site! Its nice to find a site talking not only about SSA issues but from young men when most sites ab out this tend to have testimonies by older middle aged men. And its not only just SSA issues but men issues as well that society labels as too taboo like erections and masturbation. Men should be able to talk to each other ab out these tings without gay labels flying around. God bless you guys!

    • Thanks for the feedback, Brian. We’re glad to be here as an outlet for SSA issues and men’s issues at large. We definitely strive for a healthy balance of both. We’re grateful for our diverse population too, young and old and single and married. Stoked to have you along with us!

  • mike

    Found YOB via google one day. After reading a number of musings/stories I piped in. My fav. has to be the youtube: “what is an addict”. As I am one I could wholly relate. So good. Glad for this site and most glad for God for giving you all these stories of hope and life beyond gay which was almost extinguished by ex-Exodus, Obama, and the SCOTUS! Thanks for hope.

    • Hooray for Google, right? Glad you enjoyed our addict video, Mike. We hope to do more of those in the future!

  • Ashley Lavergne

    you guys are awesome! I love you guys´ stories for all their honesty – one of the my favorite blogs by far

    • So grateful for your constant support, Ashley! You’re definitely our most regular female commenter on the blog, though we’ve had a couple others reach out via Twitter/Facebook.

  • Joshua Johnson

    So glad I discovered ya’ll, and that I’m not the only one. Now, I just need to find brothers like this where I live…God is so good.

    • If I’ve learned anything these last 8 years in the blogosphere, Joshua, it’s that SSA Christian guys are everywhere. If nothing else, we’re glad to have you here with us, but I pray you do find some solid guy friends wherever you are. Hit me up if you’re ever passing through western North Carolina!

  • naturgesetz

    I found YOB because Tom tweeted/blogged about it. I don’t know how I met Tom, but I’m glad I did, and I’m especially happy that he accepted my invitation to spend a night in my home during his Running To travels. (I’m still sorry I didn’t think to give him a lunch to take with him when he left for Boston.)

    It’s great to get to know all of you. As you’ve come to see, I’m not afraid to make suggestions or express contrary opinions. I hope you realize it’s because I care about you and am trying, in my blunt and inept fashion, to be helpful.

  • Alan Gingery

    One of the secret Facebook groups I belong to had a post for YOB. I followed the link and it led me here. Happy was that day. I think I have read all the posts (not quite a hundred) since the first time I found YOB. I liked the post on erections and the one on masturbation best. But I have also enjoyed following Elliot’s story and How I Failed My a Gay Brother. I have tried to comment whenever something touched me emotionally. And I even have aspirations of writing a blog and submitting it for my other brothers with hopes they would find it worthwhile for YOB. I have actually started one…

  • melancollie

    I really appreciate this site. It really helps answer so many confusions of mine about homosexuality and a lot about men in general. I didn’t have a brother or any guy friends growing up, and I kind of put my dad on a pedestal as he was pretty aloof most of the time, so men are a mystery to me. However, that being said, are there any sites like this (Love centered, written by Jesus followers) about gals who struggle with SSA??? I tend to (unjustly) judge women who follow the lesbian lifestyle more harshly and I would definitely like to learn to have more compassion and empathy for them.

    And on another thought, what if a famous actor or actress who has these same kind of struggles came to know Jesus and stood up in Hollywood and was vocal about it???? Has that ever happened???? I’m sure they would be ostracized to the max but we need more voices in film and music (both secular and Christian) who stand up for Truth (messy, uncomfortable, heart-rending and awkward Truth), don’t you agree?

    On a third note- (I haven’t even scratched the surface of reading through every post on here) has anyone written about that movie that Ray Comfort came out with last year- “Audacity”???

    I would LOVE to know what y’all think about it.

    Thank all of you again for doing this and wearing your hearts on your sleeves.

    • Glad you found us, melancollie! I don’t know of any blog out there with female SSA authors, but there totally should be one. I think that would be an awesome thing indeed. I agree, it’d be refreshing to have an SSA Christian “voice” in Hollywood or elsewhere. But even if that never happens, we must stand for what we believe while loving others with the love of Christ. Never seen Audacity. Will have to check it out someday.

      Thanks again for taking the time to comment! We wear our hearts on our sleeves for our dear readers.

  • Brandon Parrish

    I would definitely love to meet you all in person. Some of my favorites have been things that people never really talk about or feel awkward talking about. But I think it is definitely important and healthy to be open and honest about things, and not keep them in the dark.