YOBcast Episode 015: More Than Our Sexuality

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We are more than our struggles and our weaknesses. And it’s important to remember the other facets of our being, including our strengths.

In this episode, Tom, Elliott, and Bradley gather around for a more upbeat hour, including some get-to-know-you icebreakers and a conversation on personalities and Strengths Finder.

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Finally, don’t forget to comment on all our conversational topics from this episode: what fictional character best depicts you? Which fictional character would you want to be your best friend? What dessert would you be? Would you rather eat a soggy loaf of bread or dive into a giant tub of cow manure? And what are your top 5 strengths in Strengths Finder?

We hope you enjoy our latest episode:

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  • Brian

    Well, I’m a fan of anime and one of the first and my still remains my favorite one after 19 years of watching it is Sailor Moon, particularly the Japanese version. After 19 years of watching this series and with the many tears shed with emotional scenes that still hits me today, this is a show that never gets old to me. My favorite character out of the bunch is Usagi Tsukino and she is one that I would like to be — certain characteristics, the more mature ones. Usagi is a flawed character, by no means perfect, and she is one that you wouldn’t think would be able to protect the world and Tokyo because of her immaturity, klutzy, and cry-babyish ways. She is a character that looks for the good in others and not focused mainly on their flaws. She is able to make friends with those who are lonely and are considered outcasts by others. She is able to make friends and though she can be selfish at times, overall she displays loyalty and one whom you can count on. She is one who doesn’t quit and perseveres no matter how hard things get or how impossible things may seem. She believes that goodness and love will prevail in the end. What I love about her is her ability to sacrifice herself for her friends. She has a heart that cares for others. Usagi always sought to heal others. She is a character whom I would like to embody these characteristics. She’s not perfect, but she demonstrates values that are looked down upon today. She displays values that are not as important today.

    I wish I can look more at my strengths and my weaknesses. But at the same time I wish I had more loyalty, able to look for the good in others, perseverance, goodness, care, love, and able to make friends.

  • george

    More than our sexuality…we are more than our lungs but we can’t live without them. Remember being in 20 ties and early thirties believed some medicals might would happen, or at least I would learn how to handle my sexuality and loneliness better. But know close to my 40 things go opposite. Now more than ever sexuality becomes very important part of life. I don’t mean having sex. No. I do believe sexuality is huge part of persons physical and phsichologica existence. It is there with you, no matter what you do and how you treat it.
    There are lots of lonely people out there, but their sexuality have always been settled and they always felt under their own skin.
    Unfortunately SSA people hardly will have it. Now listening my younger brothers and sisters boldly speaking , testifying about how sexuality is not more than…
    Well may be I am writing some not very happy things but at least it is what most of the middle aged SSA men feel.

    • Indeed, George — our sexuality is a very large piece of us. But we figured we talk enough about said topic in all our other episodes that it’s okay to talk about other stuff, too. Similarly in life it’s good to remember the other no less important facets of ourselves.

  • excusemydust

    I have to weigh in on the truly consequential issue here, which is soggy bread v. tub of manure. I’m going to be one of the 5% that goes with the soggy loaf of bread. I don’t understand y’all’s concern with this–it’s fresh dishwater, right? I’ll take the trauma of creepy-textured food and nausea over throwing myself into a literal pile of, well, you know.

    Also, I’m with Bradley–April definitely makes the best Parks&Rec BFF. 🙂

    • April is awesome; I agree. I assumed the dishwater would also have suds and other grossness attached to it — not manure grossness, but grossness nonetheless. Manure for me!

  • Kevin Frye

    Which fictional character best depicts you? Honestly, this is the most difficult question for me to answer. It’s hard for me to feel any do. But if I have to say, I’d go with Piscine Patel (a.k.a. “Pi”) from the novel “Life of Pi” by Yann Martel. He’s alone for much of the story, but he’s determined, a survivor no matter the odds against him, and a devout believer in the divine. Plus, he’s stark naked throughout most of the novel.

    What fictional character would you want to be your best friend? Probably Little Bear from “Indian In the Cupboard”. He was strong, a good leader, and he cared about his friends regardless of their differences.

    What dessert would you be? Green tea ice cream. Basically it’s a Western dessert, but with a classic Asian addition. It can be a bit of an acquired taste for many. Not everyone likes it, but it seems those who do like it can’t get enough of it. It’s the perfect alternative to the often too-sweet, candied, overdone ice cream dessert.

    Would you rather eat a soggy loaf of bread or dive into a tub of cow manure? This question leaves out the key points that the bread is in a sink of dishwater (meaning there is probably dish soap in there as well) and that I’d have to dive into the manure with my mouth open. Still, though, I’d take the cow manure and pray I don’t get stomach parasites.

    • Kevin, your answers are perfect. Indian in the Cupboard! Solid reference. Also, Naked Pi is right up your alley.

  • Denis Coelho

    Guys, cut the canned laughter and applause, please! Stay real!

    • Appreciate your feedback, Denis! This was an experimental episode, to be sure. A chance to try new things and not be as serious for a change. We’ll always be evolving from episode to episode. We plan to dive back into the serious stuff next episode, though.

      • Alan Gingery

        Just this once when you had your YOB “Lite” episode, the canned laughter wasn’t so bad, but I agree with Denis…stay real.

        I’d eat the soggy bread I dishwater. Haven’t thought about the other questions yet…probably some character that overthinks everything…need more time. I think I’d like Huck Finn for my fictional friend though. Great adventures. I like cooking and baking (and eating) too much to decide on one dessert quickly. Need more time on that one too.

        • Alan Gingery

          If I were a fictional character I would be Samwise Gamgee from Lord of the Rings. I am fiercely loyal, was a bit chubby most of my life, like to cook and I love the Shire, but am willing to take adventures with my friends and travel. to wild places. I also like camping.

          Dessert? I guess I am going to say a lemon meringue pie. Why? Well, it takes a lot of time to make a pie that is tasty and God is still taking his time with me. I have had a lot of sour things in my life, but God is working to add the grace I need to sweeten all of that into something quite extraordinary (Romans 8:28). I can be a bit crusty sometimes…ha ha, but hopefully the other parts of me compensate for that. And when you look at the white upper part, you cannot always guess what amazing golden things are underneath until you are willing to go deeper.

  • Kevin Zimmerman

    *What fictional character best depicts you? Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon
    *Which fictional character would you want to be your best friend? (this is such a broad question) Can I choose Jim&Pam (The Office) together so I could be part of their pranks and fun?
    *What dessert would you be? Oatmeal craisin cookie?
    *Would you rather eat a soggy loaf of bread or dive into a giant tub of cow manure? Sick. I really don’t like Would You Rather. I can’t decide if the smell or the taste would be worse….
    *And what are your top 5 strengths in Strengths Finder?
    1) Developer
    2) Input
    3) Intellection
    4) Empathy
    5) Restorative

  • Eddie

    Ok first off, that is not my comment for this episode. I left one a good while back. I’d say the best fictional character that describes me is Marge Simpson based on MBTI traits. For a friend I’d think I’d want it to be Lenny Leonard. He seems like a steady fellow. A dessert that embodies me is a variety cheesecake, consistent yet moody. I would opt for the cow manure provided I shower and soak in a hot tub. I’ll peruse my Strenth Finder later on.

  • Tommie Martin

    When is the next podcast episode coming out?

    • We had a tech disaster hit us recently and we’re still trying to remedy the situation. We’ve already recorded the next episode, but editing and releasing it is another matter. Hopefully before too long!