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I’m a young twenty-something fresh out of college while still trying to find my way in the world, but I am enjoying it for it is the journey that is the reward. Lover of all things creative, I am a drawer with an intuitive mind while also a deep thinker. I can be a person of extreme opposites: one moment a lone wolf, the next a social butterfly. One moment joyful and optimistic, yet sad and melancholic the next. My Enneagram type can alternate between INTP and INFP, depending on the day. Career-wise, I am still trying to figure things out. But after coming to terms with my SSA and meeting fellow SSA Christians and forming deep intimate bonds, I feel like my social life is finally coming together after years of lonely isolation. I’ve always longed for brotherhood and, at last, I feel I have found it. Now I am glad to join this community of bloggers and share my stories and struggles, joys and sorrows, dreams and longings.

My Complicated Relationship with Nudity
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My Complicated Relationship with Nudity

My only friend in elementary school had a neighborhood friend named Jeffrey. As he and I sat at the table talking about who knows what, he piped up with a story. “One time,” he said, “the three of us were playing truth or dare. We dared Jeffrey’s little brother to strip naked and run around […]