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Kevin Zimmerman

Born and raised in the Midwest, my heart is bent to nature and travel. Things that I love? Traveling, cooking, trying new food, hiking trails, exploring other cultures, the arts, stories – told and read – summer camp, and lists (seriously). Personality tests run the risk of putting people into boxes, so I'd rather let you get to know me before sharing what I "test" as. Sojourner is a term I am becoming more comfortable using to describe me (and my lifestyle). Random facts about me: I played the bassoon for 11 years and can speak French. Let's journey together.

When Self-Reliance Was My Norm

Honestly, I would rather not go back to middle school — but telling my story necessitates that we journey back to those days. I’m in eighth grade. Academia and band consume most of my time and thoughts. I’m not competitive and find gym class … uncomfortable. So, I stick to what I know: books, formulas, […]

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It’s Okay for Men to Cry

Even as I write that title, something within me questions its truth. Is it really acceptable for men to cry? American culture has told me and countless other boys and young men that crying is not manly. Men are supposed to be tough. Crying is for wimps who can’t take the pain. Caring enough to […]

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We All Have a Story to Tell

There are a few parts of my life and story that you should know because they will likely be referenced in future posts: traveling and experiencing culture are two of my passions. I’ve visited several countries and forty states. There’s something that draws me to new places and people. Being a wanderer, I am not […]

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