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Born and raised in the Midwest, my heart is bent to nature and travel. Things that I love? Traveling, cooking, trying new food, hiking trails, exploring other cultures, the arts, stories – told and read – summer camp, and lists (seriously). Personality tests run the risk of putting people into boxes, but I'm an ISFJ (sometimes N) and Enneagram 9 (I think?). Sojourner is a term I am becoming more comfortable using to describe me (and my lifestyle). Random facts about me: I played the bassoon for 11 years, I can speak French, and Barnabas and Judah are two of my favorite minor Biblical characters.

We All Have a Story to Tell
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We All Have a Story to Tell

There are a few parts of my life and story that you should know because they will likely be referenced in future posts: traveling and experiencing culture are two of my passions. I’ve visited several countries and forty states. There’s something that draws me to new places and people. Being a wanderer, I am not […]