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P.K. Langford

I might be best described as Peter Pan. It’s respectable. The name, the letters, and the mythos. A re-written Icarus that doesn’t fall. I’m interested in innocence and all of our experiences falling from that innocence into sexual knowing. I live most of my life in a fantasy, trying to change the rules and make it a reality. I write about my past guilt, current shame, and anxiety for the future. Somehow, Jesus has woven himself into my life -- and I’m exploring it.

Becoming Sexual: An Origin Story

Every superhero story has an origin. Some of those, in my opinion, are even better than the crime-fighting, action-packed parts. I love witnessing the events that shaped and molded our heroes: the tests and trials but also the discovery of their powers or other giftings. Now, I don’t presume to say that I am a […]

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My Sex Addiction Gives Me Control and Intimacy

I brought up something called “The Pink Question” in a previous post: What is your heart’s real desire, the legitimate need crying out to be heard? What is the real desire that you are fulfilling when you don’t want to stop watching porn or masturbating or whatever? Finally, here is my own answer to that question: I continue to cling […]

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Marriage Won’t Fix You

Homosexuality is a very complex issue. There is a whole lot that needs to be talked about and talked about well within the Church. But the Church has poor ideas of marriage, sexuality, and holiness that make it difficult to speak well about this issue. What can we expect from same-sex attracted Christians — those […]

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When a Rock Star Comes Out Gay Christian

Last week, the Internet (or at least Christianized corners of the Internet) went abuzz over the lead singer of a Christian rock band coming out as gay. Trey Pearson is his name, and he fronts Everyday Sunday, a successful group of the last two decades. You can read the full article of Trey Pearson’s coming out here, including chunks […]

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I Don’t Want Christianity’s Modest Honesty

As evidenced in my last post, honesty is important to me. I want to be honest with you, and I want you to be honest with yourself, with God, and with the people (or at least one person) who actively participate in your life. And I truly believe that in order for us to learn honesty, we […]

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I Don’t Want to Stop Watching Porn

I don’t want to stop watching porn, not really anyway. . You see, porn is a very difficult and complex issue. Often, porn is used as a catch-all phrase so we don’t actually have to be honest about what we are really doing. For example: I call it “porn” when I really spent 3 hours having […]

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I’m a Christian Sex Addict

I am a sex addict. —Whoa there, cowboy. No niceties or other types of pleasant information to associate with you? Na, not really. Sure, I’m not only a sex addict and it’s definitely not the most important part of my life, but my addiction has had the biggest effect on my life. That in itself […]

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