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Coming Out to My Family Like a Hit-and-Run

I would be coming out to my family over dinner. I told them that I wasn't planning on changing the course of my faith. I explained that I was telling them because I planned to tell even more people. I told them that if I wanted to talk about it again I’d be the one to bring it up, and I stood up and left.

Who Will Teach Us Masculinity?

The following exchange comes directly from a recent text conversation between Elliott Gladwin and Bradley Alexander: what is masculinity, and who will teach us masculinity? Elliott: I tend to “love” attractive guys...

Cigarettes and the Stress of Same-Sex Attraction

As I entered into ministry, I knew my SSA could end it all in one swift move. I hoped that instead of being rejected I would be loved. I hoped that people would notice their prejudice and change once they met me. I spent much time in prayer -- but also smoking.