Today marks a special and pivotal turning point here at Your Other Brothers. For the last four-plus months, we’ve been bringing you four blog posts a week from me and my same-sex attracted brothers the world over. We’ve seen incremental site growth from week to week and month to month, and lately it’s starting to feel like a family in here.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the last four-plus months.

I speak on behalf of all my other brothers when I say thank you for joining us on this strange new journey. With every passing month, it feels less and less strange.

Today is special, because it brings to life a vision planted at the start: a new medium to broadcast our stories. The written word is great — I personally adore blogging — but sometimes, the written word can only go so far. Here at YOB, we want to share our stories however we can, however effectively we can, diversifying our reach in the process — even reaching beyond the blogosphere.

And so, it’s with great excitement (and admittedly some trepidation) that I bring you our very first YouTube video — or, YOBTube, if you prefer. (And, be honest, don’t you prefer it?)

It’s called: What is an addict?

If you’re looking for the short answer, it’s me. I am an addict. For the longer answer, give our first video a watch.

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If you, dear reader, do enjoy this video, then there’s a high likelihood we’ll put out more videos in the future. We look forward to all the twists and turns to come to our growing brotherhood.

Today’s video also marks the start of what we’re dubbing #AddictionWeek, as we’ll be posting our personal, diverse stories of addiction all week long. It’s sure to be a week to remember here at YOB.

Don’t forget about the discussion questions below; we’ll see you in the comments, as always.

And now, for our first video: What is an addict?

Do you currently suffer with addiction, be it alcoholism, drugs, or sex addiction of any form? Have you ever embraced recovery and vulnerability with others? What will it take for you to jump to the opposite of addiction and embrace legitimate, life-giving connection?

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