Today marks the 100th post in the life of Your Other Brothers! And what a ride through the blogosphere it’s been these last five months.

We’ve shared a lot of lifestories and musings and even started a YouTube channel.

We’ve talked about big brothers and erections.

We’ve laughed.

We’ve cried.

We’ve started some substantive conversations, and we’ve caused people on both sides of the “gay debate” to call us confused and heretics, too. You know — just to keep it fresh.

Through it all, our community has grown exponentially month by month since we broke ground last November. As the head editor / founder / lead organizer-person of Your Other Brothers, I never saw us getting here this far, this fast.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you all. Thank you for reading, thank you for commenting, thank you for emailing the authors individually, thank you for sharing our posts online, and thank you for sharing your own stories as you join along for the ride.

We wouldn’t be here without our readership, and you all have proven to be quite a loyal following. We love you guys.

A week ago six of us authors met up for the day, including Kevin from Japan whom none of us had ever met in person. I’d already met the other four guys in my various journeys around the continent, and it’s always a thrill to reunite and witness my brothers meeting each other for the first time after blogging alongside one another here and on Xanga all those years ago.

What a world we live in where we can “meet” on the Internet and then meet “for real” in a single city and sit around a large table in a coffee shop for three hours and walk around city streets taking pictures and grabbing dinner and sharing openly about our stories of faith and homosexuality and hugging each other goodbye at night’s end.

We talked about the blog — the present, the future — and I’m confident our community will continue to grow and evolve in both seen and unforeseen ways.

But mostly that day, we just hung out together and enjoyed each other’s company — no sexual stuff, no messy romances. Just a bunch of Christian brothers from all over the country with one common Brother and Savior.

It’s affirming to come together every now and then for a “recharge” where we all “get” each other and can be there for each other, if only for a single passing day.

It’s good to be reminded — in the flesh — that we’re not alone.

And it’s amazing to remind you, dear reader, of the same:

You are not alone.

Maybe one day we’ll see you in the flesh, too.

How did you find us here at Your Other Brothers? What would you like to see more/less of here? Share your favorite post from our first 100!

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