Hello, dear YOBbers,

It’s been a joy being editor-at-large for all things YOB these last eight (8!) months. Since our inception, save for some holiday weekends, we’ve been pumping out four posts a week, Monday to Thursday, building this community story by story, comment by comment, month by month.

I’ve enjoyed compiling everyone’s posts for the better part of a year, responding to comments and emails in this stretch. More than anything, I’ve enjoyed seeing our numbers grow as others found us and also realized, I am not alone in my navigations with faith, homosexuality, and masculinity.

Alas, four posts a week is no longer feasible for me. You might not guess it, but it takes a lot of time to edit and shape up all these posts for cohesion sake. And in the meantime, I still have a job, online and offline relationships, and real-world adventures. I also have several other writing projects on the table, including my own blog which has been suffering the more time I devote to YOB, and I’m also working on a couple side-projects, including my second book.

So, moving forward, YOB will cut down from four posts per week to three, and we’ll shoot for new posts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

This feels more doable on my end as the editor, and it will also encourage more commenting for the community with a couple days break in between posts. Several people have told me it’s hard to keep up with so many posts each week, so I’m hoping this change will help all our readers stay current, as well as inspire deeper conversations from post to post.

So, yes, we’ll be going down to three posts a week…but not next week! Next week, we’ll actually have zero posts.

That’s because starting tomorrow, a large number of the blogging brothers here are gathering for our second annual summer retreat! For the next four days, we’re gonna take over a single house, recharging with each other and talking about the future of YOB.

And, guys, get this: the future is fast approaching. An absolutely HUGE change is coming soon, and hopefully this new addition will soften the blow of only twelve posts a month down from sixteen.

Stay tuned.

In the meantime, we’d all appreciate your prayers this weekend! Pray for our stories as we continue presenting them in this public space, prone to attack and disregard. Pray we find inspiration together so that we may return to our respective cities and encourage others in our midst.

Pray for us, that we may continue pouring ourselves into this community, into you guys.

Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for all the behind-the-scenes, as-it-happens retreat action. We’d love to share some of our weekend with you.

It’s good to break every now and then. Our hope is that we come back to the blog after next week renewed and revitalized for the future that will soon be now.

We love you guys. I speak on behalf of all your other brothers. We’re so glad you’ve found a place here with us.

You always have a seat at our table.

Navigating together,


* Photo courtesy Albert de Brujin, Creative Commons.

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