Hey, brothers! So, today’s an exciting day. For nearly a year, we’ve been blogging and most recently podcasting and videoing. We exist across each of these mediums with one persisting goal in mind: to share our stories of faith, homosexuality, and masculinity. Together. To affirm that you are not alone.

Today is special, because today we launch our very own Your Other Brothers Patreon page!

What’s Patreon, you ask? In essence, it’s like an ongoing Kickstarter for content-creators of all genres all over the world.

We’ve come a long way in our first year of existence, but we’re not content to stay the same. In recent months especially, we’ve felt called to take Your Other Brothers to a whole other level. But it’s a level we can’t reach without some financial assistance.

Here’s what could happen here with enough ongoing financial support:

  • Your Other Brothers releases bimonthly and eventually weekly podcasts.
  • Your Other Brothers produces at least one creative video expression every month.
  • Your Other Brothers builds deeper connections with our community collaboratively via Patreon and Facebook as well as more personally via Zoom and Skype correspondence.

With appropriate funding, the possibilities are endless for this blog, this community, this movement. Last month, over 2,000 unique visitors stopped by our site. If every visitor pledged just $1/month to our cause, we’d exponentially transform this community with written, audible, and video content galore.

We hope you’ll consider supporting us! Our first goal is $100/month to break even with monthly maintenance/upkeep costs: domain, site backup, hosting (blog and podcast), and basic WiFi.

Even one person pledging $1 a month covers the entire cost of our domain for a year (that’s HUGE); truly, no amount is too small.

In return, patrons of any size donation gain entry to our behind-the-scenes Patreon page — videos, pictures, and community updates galore.

$5/month grants you access to a private Facebook group where you can connect more regularly with other bloggers and supporters and see more of the magic behind the curtain — even help suggest further content for podcasts, videos, and more.

Check out our new Patreon page for a complete breakdown of our giving amounts and rewards.

If you support us with $5/month, you’ll gain access to that aforementioned Facebook group where we plan to record regular Facebook Live sessions.

Building this community for the last year has been among my most fulfilling endeavors. With your help, we can journey even further — even more than we can dream.

Have any questions about our Patreon and the future of Your Other Brothers? Leave us a comment below!

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