I hit a rough patch a few years ago. Relationships disappeared and teetered. Temptations hit. Pitfalls ensued. I didn’t have many go-to friends, and I spent mindless hours mired in online promiscuity.

And then I came across a video. Or perhaps the video came across me?

It’s called “Who You Are: A Message to All Men.” I’m pretty sure I cried in the coffee shop where I first watched it; it hit me pretty deeply.

I had no idea how desperately I’d needed some guy — even some unknowable guy on the Internet — to tell me that I’m awesome.

I’ve watched and rewatched this video a dozen or two times since that night in the coffee shop, often in similar times of longing and desperation. Those times when I need to be reminded who I am — regardless of who I may think I am.

I am a writer.

I am capable.

I am a son.

I am bought and made new.

I am here to change the world.

I am a brother.

I am a man. And I am awesome.

As are all of you reading this, being here, adding to this brotherhood. This is who you are:

Do you struggle with your manhood? Do you ever describe yourself as “awesome” in a completely legitimate, non-ironic way?

* Photo courtesy Send me adrift, Creative Commons.

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