This is part 1 in my series about my friendship with Justin. Check out Part 2 here.

I met Justin about a year after he became a Christian. He had joined the same church I attended, and I got to know him through another friend at church. He was a straight musician with a very strong love and devotion to God. We were also both reaching out to share our faith with the same group of non-Christians.

I need to mention that Justin is extremely good-looking, so much so that he was always getting a reaction from people around him. I remember a female server staring at him and dropping her tray in the restaurant. An SSA guy once turned to me and said, “He’s hot!”

Justin dealt with this constant attention by pretending he didn’t notice.

A few months after I met him, Justin caught mononucleosis and moved back to his parents’ house to recover because he barely had enough energy to function. I kept in touch with him then, but most of his other friends did not.

I went to his parents’ house several times a week, and we texted or talked almost every day. My new straight friend started telling me his innermost thoughts, from the guilt he felt over his sin to the hope of a closer relationship with God.

I knew Justin was telling me things no one else knew. He was clearly spending more time with me than anyone else and talking with me on a deeper level, too.

This was a dream come true for me!

Our close contact came at a difficult time in Justin’s life, and he and I drew emotionally close to each other. We started treating each other as best friends. When he recovered his energy, he and I decided to move into the same place together since we’d shared such a strong bond of brotherhood.

This situation felt amazing to me. I was best friends with a straight guy.

We could live together and share hugs and other brotherly affection without worrying about falling into sexual sin. I felt loved, valued, and emotionally high!

To be continued . . .

Do you have a “best friend”? Have you experienced a close friendship with a straight guy? How did you love and support one another?

* Photo courtesy Brian Wolfe, Creative Commons.


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