I sat in rehearsal the other night for a show I’m assisting with. I watched ten actors do a mic check and all of them failed to speak clearly. As I yelled for the millionth time for these actors to speak clearly, I sat back and sighed loudly. Why can’t they understand what they’re supposed to do?

As I sit here typing out my thoughts, I ask this question of the culture I live in today:

Why can’t people understand the things they’re supposed to do? More importantly, why can’t Christians get it?

As Christ-followers, we’re supposed to show our commitment to God through love. We are to love God with everything that is in us. Our hearts, souls, minds, spirits — we are to tune all of those facets of ourselves to God in love.

Out of this, we are to love others. ALL others. Gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, transgender, queer, asexual, pansexual, semi-sexual, and every other sexuality and gender in between.

On the flip side, we’re also supposed to love the bigots and hypocrites, the thieves and liars, the gluttons and the arrogant. We are supposed to love the violent idiots and the cynical skeptics. We are to love those who have sinned the greatest sins we can imagine and those who have cut us deeper than we can accurately describe.

We are to love others as Jesus loved us.

Then out of this, we are to tell others about Jesus. ALL others. And we are to spread the word of God concerning the Gospel of Christ.

We are not called to correct others’ lifestyles. We are not called to condemn people’s actions. We are not even called to legislate our morality. We are called to tell others that Jesus Christ loves them so much that He died for them.

That’s it. The Gospel. That’s our message.

Or that’s supposed to be our message.

All across the writings of Paul the Apostle, you see this principle. Paul says he went into areas knowing only Christ and the Gospel. Paul claimed that God, not man, is the one who grows us spiritually. Paul said that the Holy Spirit alone convicts.

So why are Christians trying to be the Holy Spirit to those who do not believe in Jesus Christ?

We are not called to tell the LGBTQ+ community how to live their lives before telling them about the love of Jesus.

We are not called to tell liars and cheaters to stop before telling them about Christ’s sacrifice for them.

We are not called to tell the single mother not to have an abortion before telling her how Jesus has a greater love for her than any other she’s ever known.

I find it heartbreaking that the Church, meaning the whole body of Christ, is failing to spread the name of Jesus so they may spread the name of their choice of morality.

If I had decided that what mattered most to me was making my name known in the world, I would have followed my SSA to its fullest and abandoned Christianity long ago. I would have lived my life how I wanted to live it — not how some old man from a stage dictated me to live it.

I did not stop sinning before coming to Christ. I came to Christ so I could be free from sinning.

Praise God He gave me Grace to follow Him. I pray He does the same for many others in the days ahead.

Has anyone tried playing the convicting role of the Holy Spirit in your life? Or have you ever tried convicting someone else before showing them Christ’s love?

* Photo courtesy kjell8, Creative Commons.

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