What is emotional dependency? How do we avoid falling emotionally dependent on another man for our survival, and how do we recover when we cross that line?

It’s the first in a two-part episode on emotional dependency — or “emodep,” as we so lovingly call it. Join Tom and Elliott along with Corey, Marshall, and Bradley for a storytelling roundtable on the emotionally dependent friendships — and ex-friendships — from our stories.

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Finally, don’t forget to comment on this episode below: what’s your emotional dependency (EMODEP) story? How did you fall emotionally dependent on another guy, and what happened next?

We hope you enjoy our latest episode!

Show notes:

Tom’s posts: https://www.yourotherbrothers.com/author/tom/

Bradley’s posts: https://www.yourotherbrothers.com/author/bradley/

Marshall’s posts: https://www.yourotherbrothers.com/author/marshall/

Marshall’s emotional dependency post: https://www.yourotherbrothers.com/2017/03/06/male-friendship-dies/

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