I remember first meeting Tom Zuniga. He could barely have a conversation to save his life. This is not an exaggeration. He was so difficult to talk to; I almost considered killing him. I am thankful I did not. He is a great friend and brother.

I remember first meeting Sam Adams. He was blaring Taylor Swift in his car as he drove by me. This wasn’t to impress me; this was his everyday practice. I had no idea this guy would end up being one of my closer friends in life. I am thankful for him so much.

Honestly, I could go through and mention the other times I first met several of my “Other Brothers.” I love each and every one of the authors on this blog. I haven’t met all of them yet, and I probably wouldn’t recognize some of them on the street. I definitely don’t know them like I know my other friends.

I still consider them my brothers, though. We still fight alongside each other.

There isn’t a day that goes by where these guys don’t cross my mind in some way. As a community, we pray for each other, laugh with each other (and sometimes at each other), and cry with each other.

We also get angry with each other. There are miscommunications and misunderstandings. At times, we hold different beliefs that sometimes offend each other or seem impossible to each other. We even avoid talking to each other out of frustration on occasion.

Last year, I almost left the group entirely.

I share all this because I want you to know that we are not a perfect community. We are not the picture-perfect example of a group of brothers who hugs each other all day, every day, and shares our feelings while holding a “feelings stick.”

But we are a group of guys committed to doing life together. We are committed to serving Christ with all our hearts and honoring Him in all we do.

My brothers and I want to be there for each other because we know what it’s like to be alone.

I may not know all of my other brothers.

But that doesn’t change that they are my brothers.

And it does not change my love for them.

Do you partake in regular community, for better or worse, through thick and thin? If not, what kind of community do you hope to join one day? What traits would you want this community to personify?

* Photo courtesy kashifjohn, Creative Commons.

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