YOBcast Rehash: Gay Perceptions

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Starting today, we’re launching a new bimonthly show on YouTube (YOBTube?!). Thanks to our faithful supporters on Patreon, we’ll start recapping our podcast episodes in video form!

For our first YOBcast Rehash, Tom and Elliott discuss feedback on our recent “gay perceptions” episodes. Thanks to all who commented on those podcast episode posts! Be sure to comment on future podcast episode posts and add to the continuing conversation.

Enjoy our first YOBcast Rehash below, and don’t forget to comment: what do you think of our name? Love it, hate it, or just right? Did you also cry when Tom hit the butterfly?

  • Just watched the YOBTube “YOBCast Rehash” first episode. Being a new-comer to YOB, I missed the two YOBCasts themselves. But the rehash video was very enjoyable!

    Sooooo… My first and recurring thought, as I viewed and listened to the rehash, is that my own thoughts on gay perception (or any perception for that matter) probably have very deep connection to my perception of “self.” Additionally, my perception of self in turn has deep connection to my perceptions of God, and to so many different things that have influenced me over the 53 years of my existence… both the good and the bad. And then even “good” and “bad” can become distorted perceptions of reality. Wow… this could really just go on, and on, and on in circles, couldn’t it!

    Anyways, on to the story aspect of my comment. I still have a very vulnerable tendency to be overly concerned of what other people may think of me, when I know in the biblical truth of it that I only need to be concerned about what God actually thinks of me. And even in that truth, our Lord knows my heart that I never want “God loves me” to become just another Christianism or cliche. I “need” to sense and know that truth, every moment of every day, for my own self and well being.

    There is a chapter section in John Eldrege’s book, “Wild At Heart,” (incredibly awesome book about masculinity and perception, by the way) where he encourages the reader to pray to God and ask him, “What is my name?” So… I did!

    “Dane” was the reply I got back almost immediately, in my own spirit. Now, sounding so close to Dean, which is actually my middle name that I’ve always been called, I thought my mind was just playing tricks on me. And besides, I really didn’t like the sound of the name “Dane,” as compared to my “perception” of other classy biblical names like John or Daniel, or something more along those lines. But three times I asked, and three times I heard God in my own spirit, saying, “your name is Dane.” So, I googled it.

    The personal revelation of doing so knocked me right back to my knees in humbled adoration to God as my “loving Father.” The first meaning I pulled up (and obviously the meaning that God intended for me to see) was, “God is my righteous judge.” This is actually also a condensed version of Daniel, which adds, “and my deliverer” to the meaning.

    For me, God was saying clearly, “STOP worrying about what other people think of you, or how they may be judging you. I AM your righteous judge! And I am the only One you ever need be concerned about my thoughts toward you.” And the Bible tells us all about his thoughts toward us, doesn’t it? And aren’t those thoughts also pictured beautifully in what Christ did for us upon the cross?

    I’m not sure if I went out on a completely different tangent here, or if this all makes sense to someone else as “on point.” But it is where the rehash video took me personally, regarding “perceptions…” Gay or otherwise.


    • Oh, no, Dean. You said the buzz word. Wild at Heart. Guys either love it or hate it. I’ll let the comments speak for themselves…

      Thanks for sharing more of your story with us. Glad you enjoyed the video! Hope you enjoy the podcasts too if you get to them.

      • mike

        Yeah, like too ‘wild at heart’! Me, I prefer the garden over the wilderness any day :). Thanks!

      • Oops… didn’t think about that. I’ve actually encountered that love/hate reaction to the book before, though, lol. Not every read is for every man, but I loved it!

    • A Friend

      I so LOVED that book “Wild at Heart,” for it was my turn around moment, albeit late in life. My dad died at an early age, and I LITERALLY had NO male mentors in my life, except the ones that would bash my masculinity (“you act so gay,” “You need to be a man,” “Boys don’t like to garden,” “You can’t throw a football?” “You don’t know how to fix things?” ad nauseum). Finally, after reading it, I realized all this time that masculinity was screaming to get out, and all I was worried was others’ opinions. Odd, and hard to comprehend I know, but a best friend said the best fix would be to get my ear pierced since I had always liked that bad boy look. I did, and how I laughed when everyone at the office said–even the old ones–said I looked REALLY cool and macho in them. God has a great sense of humor (good comment–not flippant) and truly does want us to be wild men.

  • mike

    Like this format and the name. Like it better than audio. But scary watching Tom zoom past that big semi-truck while focusing on the discussion. Gave me the shivers! But hey well done.

    • Mike, you must understand that I’ve been driving with cameras for literally a decade now…I got this.

  • Haha, I loved that inflatable Hulk Hogan in the back seat!

  • Kevin Zimmerman

    I’m glad that you kept the butterfly in the video! (but no tears)
    The name is good – and I like having the video… it may be easier to share (at times) than the podcast, and would then pull in some new listeners as well??

  • Kevin Frye

    I have to be honest with you guys; I’m sorry, but the word “rehash” in the title just doesn’t do it for me. It sounds negative, like you’re over something again and you really don’t want to, but you have to, and it’s burdensome and annoying for you.

    Other than that, great work, guys! I like the possibilities here, like doing this while driving or anywhere else you might find yourselves. The podcast is always at home or in a still and quiet room, but this video format has so many other options! I look forward to the future of this!

    • Michael

      Agreed. How about YOBCast Round Out or YOBCast Rewind? I like the imagery of people gathered around a campfire but YOBCast Campfire doesn’t say enough about what the purpose of the conversation is and doesn’t really match the energy of it either. There must be some word that captures the image of gathering around and continuing a conversation.

      • Bradley S

        I like YOBCast Rewind

      • We threw around Rewind. Just doesn’t have the same “a” sound working with YOBcast and Rehash.

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