YOBcast Episode 019: 1-Year Podcast Anniversary!

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It’s hard to believe the YOBcast has now existed for an entire year! In this special anniversary episode, Tom and Elliott and six additional blogging brothers unite for a fun hour of reminiscing over the last year and ponder the age-old question: if you could push a big red button and erase your homosexuality, would you push it?

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Enjoy the episode! And don’t forget to comment below: what are some of your favorite podcast episodes and moments of the last year? What podcast topics would you like to see in the future? And would you push the “big red button” of your sexuality?

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  • If you could erase your homosexuality… would you?

    I love this question, and I actually came to terms with an answer to it almost 2 decades ago.

    In my younger days, at the onset of the personal admission and realization that homosexuality was to be my “familiar sin” in life, and that dealing with SSA issues would be my “daily cross…” You bet! I’d have erased that in a New York Second… in my younger days.

    But then, as I matured in my walk with Jesus Christ, I suddenly came to understand that our struggles in life become the catalysts of our witness to someone else. And no one else is better prepared to minister hope and life to someone experiencing unwanted homosexual behaviors and addictions, than a person who has actually experienced it their self… people just like me and you!

    So, today, yes, I’d still erase the struggle if I could… but I would never erase the past, nor my memories of the struggles I’ve already been through in the journey.

    • mistaken identity

      Exactly, this once-hated condition is now bringing hope to others with similar struggles.

  • Joseph Tanel

    Would I push the big red button on my sexuality? I would have to say no. The reasons are that I’m curious as to what the future has in store for me, that having this struggle brought me back to Jesus in recognizing that I need his help, love, and mercy, that I’ve learned so much about my faith in depending on Jesus because I have this struggle, and that while having this attraction I feel (in a given time) that I could help/guide people who struggle with their faith while having Same Sex Attraction in my community and elsewhere. I also want to say that I loved the Podcast, you guys are so cool and I’m lucky I found you brothers!!!

    • Glad you found us, Joseph! You’re one of us, too.

      • Joseph Tanel

        Thanks that means a lot!! I’m happy I found you guys!

  • Brandon Graves

    So much to be thankful for- thankful that the podcast has lasted as long as it has, thankful the blogs have continued to be relevant and bring people insights into themselves while you all are just sharing your stories, and finally I’m thankful to have found YOB.

    That was a tough question posed on this podcast: I can’t imagine the type of person I would be if I didn’t have my struggle with SSA, as it has pretty much always been there. It may not always be my biggest struggle in my walk with Christ, but it has been one of my more constant struggles. This has helped shape who I am as a follower of Christ, who I interact with on a daily basis, and how I view the world. As much as I have imagined my life in different ways, for some reason I have never imagined not having my struggle with SSA- most likely because since coming to terms with the fact that I struggle with SSA and it was not going to be taken away from me, I had to decide to see how Christ would let me use this to help further His message to the nations in my everyday life. I don’t know what the struggle would be if I went back and did not have my SSA, and I don’t want to know. Christ is using my broken self well now, and that is all that matters. Thanks for posing such a very thought provoking question!

    • Good thoughts, Brandon! It’s a complex question with all sorts of dynamics at play, but I resonate with what you say. “Christ is using my broken self well now.” Yes.

  • Ashley Lavergne

    This was so awesome! And as the ither commenters have said that red button question was so deep and so beautiful. You guys almost had me in tears with your very honest and varied answers and I resonated with very answer in a small way.
    I loved the ideas you guys had for the new podcast topics – they all sounded really interesting and I cant wait to hear them and read them. You guys inspire me all the time! Y’all have a special place in my heart. Ever though about writing the your other brothers book? Its a thought for the future.

    • It’s been discussed. 😉

      Grateful for you, Ashley! What a ride it’s been and continues to be.

  • mike

    Honest, encouraging, and very human podcast which I enjoyed.
    A topic perhaps to consider is this. A friend, colleague in ministry, and struggling with SSA recently pushed the gay button to open the door into a committed same-sex relationship that led him to ‘marry’ the guy…
    This, this has been very confusing and painful for me in regard to what our friendship now means. Should I shun him for his own good and my good. My good because his new lifestyle now is, admittedly, one that is exciting and even inviting for me, but one I don’t want.
    What would you Elliot do, for example, if Tom got lost in one of his alternate parallel worlds and decided to ‘marry’ the good looking cashier? What do y’all think of 1 Corinth. 5:22 and its warning not to associate or even eat with such a brother? Has that happened to any one of your YOB brothers?

    • Deep questions, Mike. If the roles were reversed and Elliott married a man, we would certainly have less in common and less common purpose with regard to this site and ministry. I wouldn’t stop being his friend for solely that reason, though I could see his marrying another lead to inevitable drifting.

      As for YOB “dynamics” past and present, we prefer not to disclose such things.

  • Bradley S

    My favorite part of the podcast is actually the benedictions. I remember when I first listened to one of the podcasts in an early episode and I felt a powerful reassurance that I was not alone and that I was worthy of friendship and community. While I love the authenticity and the goofy moments just as much as the next brother, I feel like your benedictions Tom add some meat to the podcast and are often for me the most memorable parts.

    I would not touch the big red button, primarily because I would be scared of who I would be without SSA. Nothing has driven me to God more than my attraction to other men, so I wonder how I would view God if I didn’t have this experience.

    As far as future podcast topics, I’d love to hear more episodes on masculinity, spirituality, friendship, mental health, to name a few.

    • Glad you enjoy my benedictions, Bradley. That means a lot. I resonate with your red button thoughts. Great potential topics for the future. One by one…

    • Eddie

      Really good future topics. I’d certainly like to hear thoughts on “Jesus-centered” masculinity as opposed to worldly masculinity.

  • Michael

    I would not push the big red button: Jesus suffered and died for me, and so I will bear my cross for Him. When I finish this race, God will show me that He knows each of my tears, many of which have contributed to or are a result of my SSA; I know He will redeem each painful memory. Even so, there are days when I would push the big red button if it meant some or all of these painful memories would never have happened. I can live with the SSA, but I can’t always live with the pain and isolation leading up to and resulting from the SSA. I endured a lot of bullying from many sides growing up. Some days it’s still just too much for my heart.

    • You’re so wise, Michael. Always great to read your thoughts. We all have crosses to bear. The reality is that even if we did push the red button, we’d have another cross to carry. Such is life beyond Eden…

  • Eddie

    I would say my favorite podcast episodes delved into “Attraction” and “Male Envy” as these resonated with me the most. I always managed to encounter guys though briefly in my life that I was attracted to and/or endowed with attributes I was envious of and wish to possess. In my case, I wasn’t looking for a rescuer as indicated by Tom and Elliot, but rather a man who would take me under his wing as teach me all there was to be a true man. If there were an analogy, I would consider it like an apprenticeship to manhood/masculinity.

    As I mentioned somewhat elsewhere, the podcast topics I would like the authors to explore are as followed:
    – Pornography as to addiction and its shortcomings, both long and short term. What’s the payoff in viewing it?
    – Therapy as to how to get benefit from it; Recently gave up on my therapist as all we did was talk about my SSA and other issues to no real end. Maybe have Corey share his input.
    – Affection or male affection as to Gary Chapman’s love languages of physical affection, words of affirmation and quality time. Otherwise, they may all be placed as three separate podcasts with examples in each other’s lives.
    – Role models as to male role models or big brothers we grew up with or had a brief encounter with that we wish would could have aspired to be. Speak of memories that were fruitful and/or discouraging in the end as to one’s own development into the person they are today.
    – Body image and nudity as to how our perceptions of our physical selves mold our thinking leading to self-esteem issues and how dealing with legitimate nude situations like locker rooms, showers and such made up feel particularly vulnerable in the presence of other guys. This may lean a little bit on the “Male Envy” episode.

    In addressing the “red button” question, I being the skeptic that I am would refuse to press the button as the scenario is not clear as to the outcome. Would I become heterosexual or asexual after pressing the button? At this this stage in my life I’m becoming settled in my ways and I don’t I would want to change myself as the adjustment may be more aggravating than my present situation.

    • Great topic suggestions, Ed. We’ll get there…

      As for the red button dilemma, anything could happen when you push it! You could be totally hetero, totally asexual, who knows. That’s the fun of giant red buttons that erase history.

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