YOBcast Episode 021: Support Groups

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Do support groups work? What support groups meet our needs and which ones leave us in longing? What role can men with SSA have in the Church?

In this episode, we welcome a very special guest: Ryan, a faithful Patreon supporter of the last year. He joins Tom, Elliott, and Bradley for a discussion on support groups, including some insight on the small group he leads in Raleigh.

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Enjoy the episode! And don’t forget to comment below: do you participate in any support groups? How have support groups helped you or not quite met your needs? What role do you see for yourself in the Church?

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  • Brandon Graves

    Not participating in any support groups, but I have just recently joined the singles life group at the church I have been attending since I moved to my new area a year ago. The podcast brought up good points about how even though I don’t necessarily feel like I am receiving a lot from the group, my presence and insights at the group may be a help to others. I’m also going to be more aware of the possibility of my starting or helping start a support group at this church, but that’s not gonna happen for a while yet.

    • Awareness is always a solid starting point! Prayers for the path forward, Brandon.

  • Lol… Ironic… isn’t YOB a “support group” in and of the community itself? I certainly believe that it is, though perhaps not in the traditional sense of “support group” that comes to mind.

    • Plenty of people in our YOBBERS group describe us in similar tones. We’re grateful to fill the voids wherever they exist.

      • No matter what we call it, I’m glad it’s here! Love you guys!

        • WaveDave

          YOB is such a wonderful place! I only regret that computer issues have prevented me for being more active, and when I am able to get on YOB it seems like I still have challenges getting things to work at times. Hopefully, things will be better soon!

  • defnotryan

    Hey everyone! Ryan here, from the episode. I just wanted to thank Tom, Elliot and Bradley again for having me on as a guest.

    If you are involved in church/parachurch ministry, or if you think you might want to start something at your church, and if you want to talk more about this stuff, give me a shout! You can reach me at intersectATvintagencDOTcom, or DM me on Twitter @defnotryan! I love talking about this stuff and would love to talk to you!

    • So great having you, Ryan! Grateful for the work you do in Raleigh and the presence you have here with us, too. We’ll have you back on the show again one day.

    • Ryan, I am one of the authors here and plan to email you soon! I wonder if I can do more in my own church. It has around 1000 people, so I know there must be more people than I know dealing with “non-straight sexuality”.

      • defnotryan

        Hi Marshall! I’ve enjoyed reading/hearing what you have to say on YOB–I’d love to hear from you! It sounds like my church is about the same size as yours, and we have 3-5 regulars at Intersect. I have to assume some folks are too busy or aren’t in a place where they want to open up to others. However, the people who’ve gotten involved regularly have all told me it’s made a huge difference for them. Which makes it very much worthwhile!

        Also I have some “curriculum”/discussion materials I’d be happy to share.