Welcome, friend!

If you’re reading this post in your inbox, I encourage you to make the jump to our website. It’s a whole new world.

Don’t be alarmed.

You’re still at Your Other Brothers. You’re still home.

Today’s a special day.

Today, we celebrate our 2-year anniversary of being a website! More than a blog, a podcast, and a video hub — a community.

And with this special anniversary comes a long overdue overhaul of our website. We’re not at 100% quite yet, but we’re mostly there and will be making site adjustments in the coming days.

Take a few moments to click around. We hope you enjoy our new space! We’ve rearranged the furniture and added some new features, too.

Our About page tells our origin story and answers our most frequently asked questions from comments and emails over the last two years. It also showcases the five values we embrace in this community.

Our Blog page now features more of a magazine layout that makes it easier to find recent posts, popular posts, recent comments, and our authors.

Our Podcast page displays all of our show content, free from blogs or other aspects of our website. It’s easier to relive our show, commenting on past episodes and current ones alike.

Our Video page contains the videos we’ve produced thus far with plenty of space to add many more soon. (Thanks, patrons!)

Our Resources page is updated with new books and blogs that some of our authors have found particularly helpful and meaningful in our journeys with faith, homosexuality, and masculinity.

We hope the new site feels different but the same: easier navigation, a crisper look, and that same sense of belonging and togetherness we all crave. What many of us have found here at YOB over the last two years.

We want you to continue to feel at home with us.

If this is your first experience with YOB, we’re glad you’re here. We’ve been going for two years strong (and then some), and we hope for many more.

Won’t you join us?

What’s your favorite YOB memory of the last two years? What do you think of the new website? Anything “off” or not working on your device/browser of choice? Anything else that could be improved? Let us know in the comments below!

  • Wow Tom…your hard work is looking great!!!!!!!! Thank you ever so much for the hard work you and many others go to. I am filled with gratitude for it and am blessed in many ways because of it. If I don’t have another opportunity, I do wish you and all a very blessed Christmas.
    From a brother, with great appreciation,

  • Favorite thing in the past 2 years? Podcast 9 on Male Envy. Love the Vampires! I read all the new blogs and listen to all the podcasts. I’m caught up with the blogs, but rather behind with the podcasts…but I will get there. I have just been busy with people (friends) and it takes me a while to find the time to listen to a 1+ hour podcast…
    I like the redesigned website. It seems easy to navigate. I haven’t spent enough time navigating to find the weaknesses or the crash and burn errors yet. Takes more time. I might get there, but maybe not.
    Thanks to all the community of YOB! (Bloggers, podcasters, readers, commenter-readers, patreaons, and whomever else I forgot!) you are part of my life! Congrats on your 2nd Aniversary! ~Alan

  • Many congratulations on the new website – it looks really good without sacrificing accessibility. My favourite YOB memory may sound cheesy, but it is simply discovering YOB. While I supposed that I had intellectually accepted that there must be other people in the world who were both Christian and SSA/gay/whatever term you want to use, and had come across the occasional singular article or comment, it wasn’t until YOB that the reality that I actually wasn’t alone became tangibly real for me, including because some of the authors are of comparable age. So that’s my favourite moment, simply discovering YOB.

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