Today, we’re excited to introduce our brand new web series: MANLY MONDAY!

Join me in this biweekly (bimonthly?) video series for storytime, Scripture reading, and calls to growth for the week ahead. You’ll also get a little “state of the YOB” with highlights from recent comments, podcasts, emails, and more.

We hope Manly Monday is a fun, informative, and challenging way to start our weeks here every other Monday.

Thanks to our faithful patrons for making this new video series possible! As of this premiere episode, we currently have 125 patrons funding Your Other Brothers each month — totally covering our yearly maintenance expenses while also enabling us the resources and time to tell even more dynamic stories and challenge further growth in this community.

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We look forward to writing and producing these bimonthly (biweekly?) episodes as we remain over this pledge level and continue to grow. Up next on the Patreon horizon: a creative expression video every month! We’re thinking spoken words, testimonies, short narrative pieces, documentaries, and more.

We can’t wait to dive deeper into this video endeavor and add to the repository of written and audible stories already here.

Now, onto the premiere episode of MANLY MONDAY. Watch and learn the three-year origin of this phrase; without it, YOB may not exist today.

Dramatic enough?

Enjoy the premiere! And don’t forget to subscribe to YOB on YouTube (YOBTUBE). You can also give this video a like, as every little bit helps us grow. And please comment on this video! You can comment on YouTube or right here on our site post.

What does “manly” mean to you? And what should my manly sign-off be every episode?

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  • In Sydney, Australia there is a beach and a suburb called ‘Manly’. The story goes that after the British settled at Botany Bay in Sydney 1788, they went in a boat looking for a source of fresh water. In the process, Captain Arthur Philip (the first Governor), sailed to this beach with his soldiers. Some native Australians (Aborigines) responded by spearing down one or two of the British soldiers. Governor Philip called this beach ‘Manly’ because it was the first time he encountered Aboriginal people who were willing to fight for and protect (in a manly sense) their land. ***Previously, the native Australians thought that the white people were ghosts so they were afraid to approach them.
    I’ve really enjoyed your videos. I think I’ve watched about 7 or 8 today. God bless you Thomas and God bless America. The English speaking Church is really blessed through some of the leadership taken by American Christians, especially for Christians with this struggle. Happy Independence Day! From Sydney, Australia.

    • Thanks for watching, Benjamin! Always fun to hear from folks from other countries. I’ve always wanted to visit yours. Maybe some day! Thanks for commenting, and hope to hear more of your story unfold here with us.

      • Please do come to Australia! It would be great to replicate YOB in an Australian context, especially the Yobber’s retreat.

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