One day in my early teen years, my dad walked into the room as I popped a simple question:

“Hey Dad, what does being gay mean?”

At the time, I legitimately did not know what the word meant; I only knew that “gay” was a word thrown around by other boys as a major insult.

“No, you really don’t wanna know,” my dad said as he quickly turned from the room. I stopped him and told him I really wanted to know since I heard the word at school all the time.

“Okay, well,” he started. “It’s basically when men get together and they get all … kissey, you know? They touch each other, hold hands, kiss each other, and then they want to marry each other. It’s really gross and disgusting.”

“Oh,” I responded. “So, instead of what a guy and a girl do when they get married, it’s between two men or two women?”

Dad nodded.

“Ah, ugh, I see,” I said. “Yeah, you’re right. I didn’t want to know that. Thank God I’m not like those people!”

Before I go on, I do want to say that my dad is not a hateful, bigoted person. He’s always respectful with people he doesn’t agree with or who are different from him. Heck, he’s been good friends for years with neighbors who are liberal hippie types who secretly grow pot in their backyard.

What my dad said to me that day, I think, comes from a product of his times and not understanding the issue at large.

Sadly, my dad’s words on gay people would have a negative impact on the way I thought for years.

My teen years fell during the time when the American culture wars were at their ugliest. Liberal versus conservative debates raged about the Iraq War, abortion, and especially gay marriage. Brokeback Mountain was released in theaters, causing a firestorm of controversy.

Extremes on both sides screamed the loudest:

“The Bible says y’all are going to hell for being gay!”

“There’s nothing wrong with being gay! They’re just being themselves, you hateful ignorant bigots!”

Those were the two sides you had to choose from; there was no middle ground.

I had noticed my attractions to men, but I hadn’t put two and two together until I realized that I might be one of those people who my classmates taunted and at whom my dad expressed disgust.

I had been fantasizing seeing my attractive male classmates naked, and it dawned on me that I might be gay. It almost seemed like God was playing a sick joke on me.

“Oh, God, please tell me I’m not gay,” I said to the ceiling while lying on my bed in the dark.

The media always portrayed gay people as garishly effeminate and flamboyant, marching nearly naked with plumes of rainbow feathers in gay pride parades, promiscuously having sex with other men, and always being uber-liberal atheists.

I couldn’t be like these people. They seemed like the antithesis of everything I stood for. Finding out that the Bible forbade homosexual sex only fueled my self-righteous anger.

To assert my masculinity and avoid being labeled gay at all costs, I joined my other straight male classmates in mocking gay people and talking about how stupid and disgusting they were.

I openly mocked students who partook in the annual day of silence — those who came to class wearing signs around their necks describing incidents of people being killed or beaten for being gay, refusing to speak the whole school day in protest.

I acted this way while ignoring the fact that I had masturbated to images of naked men the night before. One day I was on an internet forum for geeky things when I saw a user’s profile picture with a man kissing another man on the cheek. His profile signature proudly proclaimed that he and his husband had been married for several months.

In a wave of self-important fury, I sent him a private message: Get that homosexual trash out of your profile picture!

He openly complained about my message on the forum, prompting many angry messages my way. People called me all sorts of colorful names, and some messages were more biting: People like you are the reason I gave up on my faith!

Over a decade later, my heart breaks looking back on this exchange.

As I came to terms with my same-sex attraction (SSA) years later, I realized I was angry with myself. Angry that I wasn’t normal like the other boys, angry that I couldn’t stop looking at pictures of naked men, angry that I didn’t fit in at school, angry to hold so many secrets, and angry that I was so full of shame.

I was angry no one loved me.

And I was scared.

I still believe the traditional Christian view that sex is to be between a married man and woman. Opening up about my sexuality to many friends has helped me come to the bittersweet realization that I’m not going to lead a normal life.

But confronting my issues and talking about them with brothers lessens so much of the anger and hatred I’ve held in my heart. Cutting through the socio-political BS of the homosexuality debate has set me free.

I’ve learned the meaning of Jesus’ command to love thy neighbor. While I still disagree with people in homosexual relationships, I no longer hold resentment toward them. They too have struggled like me and have been rejected, ignored, scapegoated, and cast out. I can understand why they have rejected the church and traditional sex ethics in droves.

Many of my “Side B” brothers have also been rejected from churches even while holding traditional sexual ethics.

It’s hard to look at people outside of socio-political stigmas and boxes. But we must look at others as beautiful creations and fellow children of God, not scapegoat them for our problems. Jesus was the ultimate scapegoat who took all our anger, hate, stereotyping, resentment, socio-political stigmas, and misunderstandings to the cross.

Have you struggled with anger or hatred for gay people behaving counter to your views on homosexuality? Have you experienced hatred or rejection for your sexuality?

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  • My first real exposure to gay people was when I went to college. I consider college as such a gateway to the real world. Some of the gay student body resided in the male only dorm. Only by chance encounters did I get to see them congregating together. My first impressions were disheartening to say the least. They didn’t seem to meet subscribe to the squeaky clean preppy looking gay people one might expect. They dressed very downgraded and hippy-ish and placed less importance on personal hygiene. Plus some came across as effeminate. I dare say mainstream *inclusive* LGBT people would find them unattractrive. I know this sounds mean and judgemental, but that is what I perceived at the time. I said to myself if thus is what being gay is all about I think I stay im the closet for the next 50+ years. But I didn’t really hate these people. I just couldn’t identify with them on their level. I still can’t identify with them now. I don’t come across as effeminate, but I’m not that “butch” or agressive either. Like Clark Kent, I’m mild mannered and unassuming yet not someone who finds himself or anyone else as gay identifying. This is a large reason I prefer SSA over the “gay” label. LGBT culture is just not me.

    • I hear you Eddie, I came across a lot of the stereotypes myself in college. I used a lot of that to justify myself by saying “there’s no way I’m gay, I don’t act like those people!” Frankly my personality is pretty far from the stereotype in terms of mannerisms, in fact most people assume I’m straight. I don’t know if I naturally fell into these mannerisms or if I just policed myself as much as possible to not appear gay. Despite this I know they are people who have gone through so many trials and problems like I have which is why in more recent years I’ve tried to show more grace to them.

  • This would be a great post for a first time reader to see. I’ll save this just in case I ever need to show someone it!
    Also, I especially like how you mentioned the media portrayal of LGBTQ. I’ve never had a fond view of the overly flamboyant and overly-sexualized gay men who are portrayed. It’s very scary to see that and think you might be associated with that. It’s important to remember that being SSA has nothing to do with that and that it isn’t who we are, and that we shouldn’t look at ourselves or even them with that level of disgust, as Jesus died to lead us out of our misguideness, and we aren’t defined that way.

    • Thank you Fred! I do hope this blog does attract some first time readers.
      And yes, it is very scary when you see those stereotypes portrayed and the fear of being associated with that. There have been a lot of comedies that show this stereotype though often they’re trying to simply make fun of the stereotype. But I feel like it had the opposite effect by making them perpetuated.

  • this makes no sense… You felt bad that you called other gay people trash and hateful things but it was because you felt shame and you are sorry for that so now you are sticking with the Bible that you yourself are a sick perverted reprobate who should burn because you are a homosexual as well as all the other gay people? You are all over the place. Or maybe you are saying calling gay people names is worse than believe they are sick perverts who should burn? I’m really confused. What is more confusing is the bible says homosexuality is wrong. That doesn’t just include who you sleep with or being in a relationship with someone that includes thoughts and emotions. Like your whole post seem to start out that people shouldn’t believe or treat gay people horribly yet ends with we should believe they are horrible and horrible things should happen to them if they don’t some how change? just weird and it ruins your whole point

    • I don’t suppose you would ever understand the conflict we are in. Many of us were trying to fit in with the straights, doing something ‘manly’ while in denial about ourselves, or worse, being hypocritical. This was me. Even now I feel a certain sense of disgust when I see guys marching in pride parades and deliberately slobbering all over each other in front of the cameras. Unfortunately this is the only image straights think of when they think of gay men. Even I didn’t want to be thought of like this. It is no wonder there is so much hatred out there. The truth is that most of us are not like this.
      There is also something to be said about self love. Loving one’s means accepting what you are in this instance, not indulging in the gay lifestyle. I lived that life for awhile and all its trappings; I was utterly miserable. I love myself and accept who I am, and don’t indulge. Sex is not love. This is a lie. We can be who we are without indulging in sex or sterotypes.

      • Loving one’s means accepting what you are in this instance..
        Yet you really don’t accept what you are. The Bible say homosexuality is wrong. You don’t have to have sex to be a homosexual. I also have no clue what you are talking about stereotypes? So you are basically altering your life because ignorant people only view you as a stereotype ? So your life evolves only around how other people view you which is pretty sad. It’s also weird. Christians for the most part are stereotyped as being terrible hateful homophobic people yet that hasn’t stopped you from being a Christian. lets be honest you follow and believe Christianity and it shames gay people and tell them they are sick and wrong and will burn. That’s the conflict.. It has nothing to do with stereotypes because if itdid you wouldn’t be a Christian…

          • yet this same God wanted all gays killed and now wants them to burn… No thanks !!You can have all that love you want. Might i suggest you watch your back? You aren’t in good company. the reason gays have been treated horrible is because of this God. It took secular society to stop people from killing gays. You got to remember Christians change because gay people started coming out and they got to see that they weren’t demonic as the Bible said. Before that Christians were basing what they thought about gays on the Bible and treating them horribly. So if you want to be apart of the very thing that has cause the hatred of gays for a century that is certainly your choice but again no thanks!!!

          • You really have no idea of who God is. I too was filled with this burning hatred against Christians. Some idiot in the church I was attending said “All gays go to hell.” It left me bitter and angry for twenty years. I noticed that you took a verse out of context and completely left off the next verse:
            “Don’t you realize that those who do wrong will not inherit the Kingdom of God? Don’t fool yourselves. Those who indulge in sexual sin, or who worship idols, or commit adultery, or are male prostitutes, or practice homosexuality, or are thieves, or greedy people, or drunkards, or are abusive, or cheat people—none of these will inherit the Kingdom of God.
            “Some of you were once like that. But you were cleansed; you were made holy; you were made right with God by calling on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”
            I Corinthians 6:9-11 (NLT)
            I can’t help what some people think of me. I don’t come by my faith easily. Part of me still distrusts Christians. God understands that. But He also came for me through a massive stroke on September 24, 2012, one in which my memory was totally erased. In one fail swoop he took everything away, just so I could come back to Him. My Father came for me because I wouldn’t go to Him.
            God loves you and I love you too! I know and understand what you are feeling, perhaps better than anyone else. These perceptions you have are based on a superficial reading of the gospel. When Jesus Christ came, he forgave ALL our sins. Before we are under the law of Moses. Now we are under grace. Jesus Christ died and resurrected so that we again can walk with God.
            Open your heart to him. Let go your anger. Believe in Him. Admit you are a sinner and you need Him. He is faithful to bring you peace and forgiveness.

          • In one fail swoop he took everything away, just so I could come back to Him.
            So he gave you a stroke so u would come back to him? I’m sorry you had a stroke but I’m sorry you feel that someone inflicting pain on you in order to make u follow them is a good thing.. I don’t need someone who at one time said he wanted to kill people like me and now says i should burn. you are making decision in the word “practice” but its very weak. If you want to practice your faith and follow this thing that is your decision but again for me thanks.. If I’ll let a religion tell me im a sick pervert who should burn and in some context i should be killed then what is stopping me from letting a person inflict other pain upon me? What is stopping another religion from saying i’m so bad i should be thrown of a building? Should I give in to their religion too? No thanks!!! I don’t need a religion or God to help me hate myself there is already billions of people taught threw these religion that do that…..

    • Hey Allen, I think you might be mistaking our point of view on our sexualities here on YOB. We do very much uphold the traditional biblical sexual ethic that sex is to be between a married man and woman only. Despite the fact that most of the writers here have struggled with feelings of guilt, self loathing, and regret over our homosexuality but we certainly don’t view ourselves as “sick perverted reprobates who should burn in hell.” And we don’t view other homosexual people (both side A or side B) in that light either. Many of us here on YOB also believe that our attractions themselves aren’t so much sinful except when they spill over into lustful territory or physical sexual acts with other men. We’re certainly not a condemning to fire and brimstone type of Christian site.
      In my blog I write about how I did have feelings of hate, anger, and resentment to gay people when really I was just mad at myself for my struggles with my own sexuality. Since those days I’ve learned grace for myself and others. I know not to waste it all in a blasé of hatred.

      • We do very much uphold the traditional biblical sexual ethic that sex is
        to be between a married man and woman only. Despite the fact that most
        of the writers here have struggled with feelings of guilt, self
        loathing, and regret over our homosexuality but we certainly don’t view
        ourselves as “sick perverted reprobates who should burn in hell.”
        You realize how much you make no sense, right? If you are sticking to the biblical definition of sex and what it says about gay people then by default you believe you are a sick perverted reprobate who should burn.. Or are you saying you are picking choosing what in the Bible you believe? So you believe the part that only married heterosexual couples should be together but the part about all gay people being perverted abominations you ignore? Remember the Bible said homosexuals wont inherit the kingdom. You don’t have to have sex or be in a relationship to be a homosexual.. I don’t understand why any gay person would want to follow Christianity when the God you worship had no problem killing gay people at one point for that fact and wants to burn you now. Why do choose to hate yourself so much is beyond stupid but whatever….Your whole post was about you teasing other people because they are gay to hide that you were gay. U said that was wrong but the take away was it is wrong for other people to tease gay people instead all gay people should turn that hatred inward on themselves.. Ya makes sense

        • It sounds to me like you’ve gotten your biblical view on homosexuality from the Westboro Baptist Church. I’m not a super bible or theological expert but the general consensus of 1 Corinthians 6:9 is that it condemns “those who practice homosexuality” not so much homosexuals themselves. I’ll leave a more detailed analysis of it to a Bible expert (if anyone out there reading this wants to jump in).
          I don’t hate myself, and we don’t hate ourselves here on YOB. There is nothing but love and compassion for ourselves and our brothers on here. Our sexual struggles have made us no worse than any other person out there as we have all fallen short of God’s glory.
          You seem to harbor a lot of anger and resentment towards Christians, mainly on the grounds of the Christian views of homosexuality. May I ask what in your past drove you this way? Are you a gay man who was wronged or mistreated by a church community because of your sexuality? I would very much like to talk and hear your story. There are other authors on here who have had sad histories of being cast out of their Christian communities because of their sexualities.

          • Yep ,You totally make a lot of sense. Christianity doesn’t hate gay people just the act. I mean Christianity also hates the idea of lust and other sinful thoughts and emotions. So it makes total sense that this God would not hate gay people for having sinful thoughts about being with the same sex and instead just punish actions because we both know that this God doesn’t punish thoughts. thats not a thing in Christianity at all. Sinful thoughts are totally fine. Yep totally makes sense. What also makes sense is people worshiping and giving their life over to something that in the past commanded people like them to be put to death but now says they should burn. Yep you totally have no hate for yourself at all. i mean you hate that u have these sick perverted thoughts and emotions that you have to make sure you don’t act on even though the true you still thinks about it everyday but no you don’t hate yourself. Here is the thing i am gay but i would never degrade or devalue myself like you guys have done.Let me ask you if this god came back one day (which you believe he will) and decides to say that all gays should be killed like in the the Ot (which he is all powerful an can do anything he wants) would you be happy about that? probably so . you guys hate yourself so much that if the Bible said that all gays should harm themselves you would be trying to find ways to do so. i have no clue way you would let anything degrade you and shame you to the point of depression and harm and then go along with it. Takes an extra amount of stupid but yeah you guys really dont hate yourself at all and yes im being very sarcastic. Im just glad you guys didnt grow up Muslim. i mean yeah being brainwashed by Christianity about the idea of gays is bad but i can only imagine how far along in your self hate you would be if you were brought up Muslim. So glad i wasnt brainwashed by the “truth” . I would probably hate myself too …

          • You can keep self righteously chest thumping that I’m full of hate for myself and other gay people till the cows come home but its simply not true. I wrote a whole blog about it. I’m not perfect but my soul is a lot more at peace than it used to. You can take that or you can leave it. Up to you.
            God of the Old Testament was a lot less forgiving of, but of MANY sins not just homosexuality. Its pretty much impossible that he will go back to his Old Testament ways because we have been forgiven by the blood of Jesus for eternity.
            If there’s anyone with real hate in their heart, its clearly you. I’ve read your comments in other blogs. You made a comment saying you would laugh if Christians became persecuted and abused the same way gay people have. If those aren’t the ramblings of a hate filled mad man then I don’t know what is. Really, you’re no better than the anti gay persecuting Christians you claim to stand against. I’ve seen and met many atheists who are great people and a lot more civil and respectful in their dialogues with Christians than you. Frankly you have a lot of growing up to do regardless of what your beliefs are.
            I will pray for you and hope you find a community of loving brothers in your future.

          • “i mean yeah being brainwashed by Christianity about the idea of gays is bad but i can only imagine how far along in your self hate you would be if you were brought up Muslim.”
            Allen, I wasn’t raised in a Christian household at all. I never even read the Bible at all till after I had gotten saved. I got saved as I was trying to take my own life, so exactly when was I ‘brainwashed’? I chose to leave the gay lifestyle, even though I was mad at God. I chose celibacy, even though I hadn’t attended church in 13 years; so exactly when was I ‘brainwashed’?
            I left the gay lifestyle because there was no love there, just mindless sex. I was seeking someone through sex, who died when I was fourteen. I never found him. Should I just keep on bedding down with whoever turns my eye? I am not defined by my lusts or a cruel and heartless society, but by my Lord. I don’t have to give in to my desires
            I have every right to be angry at God, yet He has given me peace, a peace I don’t deserve; yet it is an overabundance of peace. For the first time in my life I am happy, and I certainly wasn’t, following the dictates of the LGBT community, which decreed ‘You are born this way!’ Nobody dictates to me. I choose to follow God.
            Peace be upon you.

          • Jesus came to this world as a man so that the world through him might be saved. Jesus taught us that God punishes in His way and that punishment is not to condemn to hell. Jesus taught us the old ways of an eye for an eye had fallen away and we should turn the other cheep and know what God wants for our lives while He made us and knows better than anyone we will never be good enough, that’s why the sacrifice of His only Son was made so that God will have us as companionship in heaven. Heaven would be empty if it were only for the perfect man! Perfect men don’t exist!

        • God is represented two ways in the Bible, it is later in the Bible that he allows the representation of himself as His son Jesus who comes as a sacrifice and allows grace to pay our sins and welcomes all of us who are flawed into Heaven. We are all unworthy except by Grace, and if we accept that and devote our life and love to God then even those of us who can’t help but be homosexual are forgiven and yes, we also go to heaven if we are forgiven. We can be homosexual and go to heaven even if we are having sex with a man when we die. We don’t become perfect even with forgiveness we are still men and we will sin and we are still forgiven or else, God would have no person with Him in heaven because a person who has never been gay is going to make those huge mistakes too. It’s not unforgivable just like abortion, or a lying politician that causes destruction by lying or a person that spreads conspiracy lies that lead others astray for power. You can’t choose the bigger sin because God taught us there is no degree of sin. Grace is our forgiveness from God and it covers all sin. It’s a sin to hate yourself too. God expects you to forgive yourself, and to stop judging others.

    • Allen-

      You are right to be confused and upset by the writings. It’s so often we stand in disgust or resentment towards those that embrace what we have been told we better not do! How dare someone be so open and unguarded about a subject that consumes me, that I struggle against every day! A situation that I have devoted much of my life toward concealing and oppressing because I have been trained to accept that I must be so full of Satan to consider wallowing in the arms of a man who would put his mouth on any part of my body to show his lust for me…
      But that’s what we are taught, that it can only be about lust, and I think the Bible has been carefully edited by men to make sure it’s focused on the lustful, all consuming attraction to the body. The Bible is a guide written fir the Tribes of Abraham and a need to create more of them than anyone else so the world would be a welcoming place they could live with the dominance of God and the pursuit of Heaven. If you were homosexual just how much would you contribute to the world population of believers? Oh sure, there have always been homosexuals since the beginning of time and I don’t think it’s an accident that can happen, there are many positive things that gay men have always contributed to society or guess what? They would cease to be among us. Yes, it’s built into our DNA, homosexuality is with us because it hasn’t been eradicated from our DNA. We are born with it and unless it is suppressed it will be lived out by some of us. Our religions may tell us to suppress it and some of us have no choice but to deny it but we still pass it on if we pro create. We have the information and there are professionals that know but as long as certain groups oppose it then we will find ways of living a hellish unfulfilled life because a religion may tell us it’s the only way to heaven.
      What the Bible glaringly leaves out is the possibility of a devoted relationship of love between two ppl of the same sex. When Jesus was on earth He didn’t go out of His way to condemn the Homosexual. He made reference to Eunuchs and their origin speaking of why they were like they are and he spoke of those whose true and natural nature was of a life not with a female but amount the men. As in true nature, unlike when he spoke of men giving up their true nature for women and becoming consumed with being with men. To deny your true nature and be married may cause you to be consumed with your hidden lust fir men. You know how it is, if you are originally attracted to men and deny yourself you will think of nothing else. There is no mention of God desiring you to give up your natural desire he speaks of deciding to give yourself over to that which is unnatural. We see porn of so called straight guys being able to consume loads of sexual interaction with men because the women are gone. That is perversion and many men can do it. Perversion is spending time watching gay porn if you say you detest it. Concentrating on the activities of gay ppl and wondering out loud how anyone could participate? That my brothers is twisted and self torment. Keep your eyes off of gay porn if it truly offends you, don’t spend your time imagining gay sex if your heart tells you you shouldn’t like it. As adults we don’t need any help in turning away from what offends us do think on that. You sound like idiots on here if you go on about watch gay porn and saying it makes you sick, unless you are unable to stay away from it then take a long look at yourself. If that’s you do not involve some nice girl in your cover up plan. If your goal is heaven and gay can’t be a part of it but you are gay then your only hope is to find a way to be alone and stay focused on God. Certainly having a marriage after admitting you are gay is a sin. God has mercy and can forgive us of anything so either stay unmarried or do the work of healing your heart and find a Christian man to be committed to and live in peace in a way that God can bless and prevents you from living a life of lies and torment. God didn’t intend our lives to be empty of another persons love but do it honestly or don’t do it so you prevent sin. This is how my research of Gods love has guided me. If this is not how you believe it can be done then keep studying and find your path to God. Do not involve others in your need to stop hating yourself for being true to your self nature. God loves you whether you are gay or straight. Consider this: look at how man has corrupted Gods word to be able to follow trump. Trump is no one’s guide to Gods love or a righteous man. He has used so many a well meaning Christian who has so easily been led away by lies to use God as a means of power. Man is powerful in his ability to deceive Gods ppl. To lead us in their beliefs without consideration of God. Find your true self and do the hard work to see if you are ok.

  • “The media always portrayed gay people as garishly effeminate and flamboyant, marching nearly naked with plumes of rainbow feathers in gay pride parades, promiscuously having sex with other men, and always being uber-liberal atheists.”
    THIS. Caused so much confusion and inner turmoil for me – both early in my understanding because I was drawn towards guys and some less masculine activities but not all the extremes that were shown, and also later as I tried (am trying?) to find my space of who I am that lands on neither extreme…. yet needing to relate to people who land much closer to each extreme.
    Thank you for sharing this. It gives me some ideas to chew on for the week.

    • You’re welcome Kevin! Its not fun when society tells you to pick a side but guy like us gotta make our own side.

  • I don’t think there was a thing wrong with what your Dad said. And I think we all should have a healthy distain for homosexual behavior; however not the lost homosexual man or woman. For such we should engage in much prayer and show great mercy.. Job was a righteous man that shunned evil. Homosexual behavior should be shunned. It CAN send you to hell. Sure can. Have you looked and seen what men are doing these days online? On the gay porn sites and otherwise? It’s disgusting. Jesus said in the last days men would be as they were in the days of Sodom & Gamorrah. In case you didn’t know gay porn sites and otherwise represent modern day Sodom and Gamorrah. We should fear the Lord about these things and Repent! For without holiness, no one will see the Lord. Yep. HOLINESS. That is the goal folks. If you can’t accept my distain for homosexual behavior I’m sorry. But I have to be that way because that behavior ( as seen on gay porn web sites ) can send you to hell. We’ve all seen it and been exposed to it. The ashes of Sodom & Gamorrah are still smoldering with smoke to this day as a warning to all those who willfully go after strange flesh, to those that would choose to live in the lusts of uncleanness ( homosexual behavior ), and to those who reject the Word of God over and over again being given over to a reprobate mind. Such seriousness of justified for some. BEHOLD the severity of God! And yet behold the loving kindness of God (that saves the sinner).. who sent His Beloved Son JESUS to us.. to die for us on the cross.. that when we repent of sin to Him.. His forgiveness, redemption, healing, and restoration becomes ours and manifest in our lives. There is no sin that He cannot forgive.. He is the hope of Glory. The bright & morning star. The Lamb of God which taketh away the sins of the world. Seek Him. Find Him. He is worthy of your life’s devotion and love. Peace and Blessings!!

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