We love talking about meaningful, rarely discussed topics on this podcast; sometimes, though, it’s just good to laugh. We are more than our struggles, more than our weaknesses, and more than our sexuality.

Tom and Elliott welcome back Frank and Joel for a follow-up to one of our more “controversial” episodes — controversial in the sense that we intentionally avoid one serious topic for the entire hour. In this episode, we hang out more as friends and less as podcast members, and we’d love it if you hung out with us, too!

Listen to us talk about bucket lists, proudest achievements, our latest reads, skills we wish we had, fear of death, parallel dimensions, and what we’d do for an entire day as a woman. We also try our hand at some accents; people of the world, forgive us.

This episode is #GigglesGalore. We hope you enjoy the show below!

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More Than Our Sexuality, Part 1: https://www.yourotherbrothers.com/2017/05/06/yobcast-episode-015-more-than-our-sexuality/

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