Welcome to our fourth episode of Manly Monday! Our new bimonthly video series for Your Other Brothers.

In this episode, Tom talks about the second of our five YOB values — humility. In humility, we learn to look beyond ourselves and our stories as we trust another Author with a bigger story. In humility, we fight against what fiercely interferes with our relationship with our Maker: pride.

Watch the video below for more on our second value and how it ties into one of Tom’s favorite ever television moments.

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Micah 6:8 (ESV) —

“He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?”


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Does humility come hard for you? Do you wrestle with pride? Do you struggle to trust God as the Author of your story — the Author of all stories?

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  • Domino’s rebranded is way better- it’s actually good pizza now!
    Per the discussion at hand, I do wrestle with humility a lot. And it comes from my love of helping others. I can relate to your Lost metaphor- because that can be how I operate. I serve, serve, serve, and serve more- and suddenly realize I have been doing it out of selfish desire to be praised. I have to be conscious to serve out of humility rather than serve in place of humility.
    Also, I am definitely #TeamMaleBag. My question is- how many people do I need to convince of this to make it happen? Because I will campaign as much as I need to.
    PS Love the mug.

    • Thanks for sharing, Dean! I totally get your perspective as a Helper. When I’m in that unselfish mindset myself, I can’t help wondering in the back of my heart…but what about me?
      Also, per our video editor, we may need about 317 more #TeamMaleBag members to make the switch.

  • As I watch myself move deeper into the 60s and, Lord willing, onto the 70s, it is so heartening to see legacies being embraced, passions burning bright and even brighter, and the truths of Scripture affirmed with different, stronger, and energetic voices. May the Lord continue to bless all of you at YOB. How exciting to see changes that I could never have dreamed of!

  • Humility…On the outside I was arrogant and haughty. However, on the inside I thought I was the most evil creature on the face of the earth because I carried a secret. True I was always intelligent and well spoken and I knew that I was a pretty good-looking guy because I had been told so many times. However, in the deepest darkest recesses of myself, I carried a deep homophobia and self-hatred. It has taken many years to accept myself and as I did so, the arrogance and haughtiness has gradually disappeared. I think that at the core of humility is accepting oneself as one is…without pretension, disguises, or excuses. This can be the hardest thing to do because we often do not like what we see. However, the Lord sees us as we are and loves us nevertheless. True love, though, is not without expectations. To expect nothing from us would turn God into a doormat and not a loving God. When I respond to His will in my life and live as He wishes me to live as revealed in His sacred word, I discover who I am as son of God. I like Male Bag! Cute. Thank you guys for your awesome work. Your vulnerability and openness are a gift to me, so much so that I became a patron today.

      • Tom: Indeed you are not alone. Most of all, you are loved by the Lord as you are right now at this moment and not for what you may become. He does not love in possibilty…He loves in the eternal present, all of you and that includes all that you think is unlovable. Blessings.

  • @dean_samuels:disqus I’ll join #TeamMaleBag- I was thrown off at first and wasn’t sure how much I liked it, but it has quickly grown on me…
    The part I resonated most with from this episode was the idea of looking outside of myself. I tend to be very inwardly focused and expect others to change their ways and fit my definition of a good friend, co-worker, family member, etc. While I am tweaking the idea a little from the original meaning from used in the video, it was a reminder to me to stop being so selfish and look for ways to reach out to others. This is especially meaningful and important for those emotionally dependent relationships I’m struggling with currently.

  • Tom, I think you’re starting to use the word “resonate” a little too much. This observation resonates with me.

    • People who know me best know that you don’t tell me what to do. Because I’m only gonna do more of it. So, get ready to RESONATE with the entire next episode. The front matter, the state of the YOB, the mailbag, the ending. All of it.
      You will resonate with ~everything.~

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