Welcome back to another episode of Manly Monday! Our new bimonthly video series for Your Other Brothers.

In this episode, Tom dives into the third of our five YOB values — brotherhood. In brotherhood, we learn to share our burdens with one another and bond in the two ways Jesus demonstrated — the being and the doing. Tom talks his childhood yearnings for brotherhood and how this longing has translated to the present day.

Watch the video below for more on our third value and how deeply it resonates.

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Ecclesiastes 4:12 (ESV) —

“And though a man might prevail against one who is alone, two will withstand him—a threefold cord is not quickly broken.”


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Do you have a “threefold cord” in your life? Do you bond better in the being or the doing? What does the concept of “meaningful brotherhood” look like for you?

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  • #TeamMaleBag Forever.
    I definitely resonate with the three-fold chord. I am blessed to have one- it was a long journey to build it. But I am so thankful for it.
    And I resonate with being over doing- that is my thing. I am all about being present and enjoying each other’s presence. Hence my post from last week.
    And finally, I resonate with the word resonate as well.
    Keep resonating well, brother.

      • Guys, the problem with “Male Bag” is then you’ll have to also be receiving
        e-males, and snail male (snale male?), and where does it end???

          • Ryan’s right, Tom. And I think in the good ol’ KJV it talks about Goliath having a coat of mail, and Saul trying to equip David with his coat of male, er mail. So where does this end? I do not want to be reading Scripture and having the words morph before my very eyes. It’s kind of like the blessing and curse of loving Handel’s Messiah. You listen to it so much that when you come across those verses in the Bible, you can no longer simply read them. You have to sing them in your mind as you read, taking five minutes to get through a single verse, and you are tempted to break forth into an aria in church when someone else reads them aloud. Such is this pun on the word mail or male, or whichever. But I guess David refused Saul’s coat of mail and went forward in his own coat of male didn’t he? And Goliath’s coat of mail or male, whichever or both, made no difference for him in the end. Ugh. I digress.

  • In a sense, this website is my three-fold cord. I have almost no “brothers” outside of this place who would understand, let alone support and live with, the struggles I have borne for nearly 50 years. …and oh, the stories I could tell of misplaced trusts and betrayals! One learns, perhaps wrongly, to be very, very, very (to the nth degree) careful…and then, sadly, there is nothing…except here. It is for this place and the apparent safety in which I have to write you all, that I give great thanks to God. May the Lord abundantly bless you for this place!

  • Yes, I m blessed to have a three-fold cord in my life! I share in community with several close brothers, both OSA and SSA.
    I much prefer being over doing, but I am glad to join in activities if it helps another brother bond. Most of my bonds with OSA guys form over shared activities.

  • Tom, those are two separate verse, actually: Proverbs 17:17 A friend loveth at all times… And then Proverbs 18:24 ….there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother.
    So that’s two verse about the importance of friendship!
    And, yes, I have a three-fold cord in my life, and I thank God for it! I guess I am a be-er mostly. But I like the doing of things together, too.

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