What does coming out look like beyond conversations with trusted loved ones? How does one come out on a larger scale? Must you write a book or publish a blog post or post something on Facebook, or can coming out publicly be more of a mindset than any specific action?

Is coming out publicly even something people of faith should pursue?

Tom and Elliott welcome back Ryan for a discussion on coming out publicly. Tom shares his perspective about writing a memoir five years ago while Ryan talks about his leadership role at his church. We also elaborate on how this concept of coming out publicly, if pursued, will certainly look different for each person.

At the end of the episode, we take some time to answer questions from our supporters about coming out publicly.

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Enjoy the episode below, and don’t forget to comment: have you come out publicly? Do you hope to come out publicly one day, or does that life just not appeal to you? What are some fears or hindrances toward coming out publicly?


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