Our culture values community. Social media is a massive industry that is now basically essential to life. Think about how shocked you are when someone says they don’t have Facebook.

It’s no wonder that people in our culture flock to communities built around a common identity, purpose, charge, or something else.

One of the primary communities that draws in individuals is the LGBT community. This is a group that came together when the culture around them shut them out. They depended upon each other when they had no one else.

And now they stick together closely, fighting alongside each other.

Now, the LGBT community isn’t perfect. There are tensions among them, for sure. Whether it’s the tensions between the LGB and T sub-communities, the LG and B sub-communities, or even the tensions among the different races within the LGBT community, this community does have its issues.

However, the LGBT community still finds a way to come together for a common purpose. And, honestly, this is attractive to me.

I love the global Church, but we do NOT do a great job being unified. I often find more disagreements between other Christians than LGBT individuals. I often find myself more nervous to have a deep discussion with another Christian than with an LGBT individual.

Still, I don’t know that I can identify as LGBT or LGBT+.

For one, “SSA Side B” is not considered part of the “plus.”

Second, many people might disagree with my choosing that specific label and ask me to choose “Gay” or “Pan” or “Ace.”

Third, the Side B community and the Church would be upset about my wanting to embrace an identity alongside the LGBT community.

But should these things deter me? Should I look for another term for my sexual identity that fits within the LGBT community? Should I keep identifying myself in a way that appeases one of the communities?

Once again, why am I letting other people define me? Why am I letting other people have a say in something that is my own?

I refuse to let others define my gender. Why should I let other people define my sexuality?

For now, I’m not changing how I view my sexuality. I’m not thinking about changing communities or anything of the sort.

But I do find myself wanting more and more to find a place within the LGBT community. I see this group of people who need to feel the love of God. I see people who have been hurt in the past, and I want to offer comfort however I can. If that means identifying with them, perhaps it would be worth it.

After all, didn’t Paul say he himself tried to be all things to all people? What if I followed the same example?

Do you find yourself yearning to be part of the LGBT community? Or do you find yourself disassociating from the LGBT community?


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