So, I’m gonna take a break from my usual stories to talk about something I’ve been observing in the recent posts and comments. First of all, I want to say that I love our readers and thank you for staying with us this long!

You guys are the best, but what I’m gonna say is gonna hurt some of you. Why? Because you need it!

I want to reaffirm that Your Other Brothers still holds to the traditional sexual ethic we see in the Word of God. All of our authors still uphold that belief, and we aren’t changing that any time soon! We still think God’s design for marriage is between a man and a woman and that the physical act of homosexuality is sin! Let’s make that clear, ok?!

Second, we believe that Jesus is the Savior of all, and we believe the Gospel can change anyone’s life if he or she chooses to accept it! If the Gospel can change someone like me — someone who used to sleep around with guys, go to orgies, and prostitute my body for money — then Jesus can definitely change your life as well!

Third — and this will hurt some of you — the reason why we write about some topics, whether it be Dean’s complimenting the LGBT+ community, or our discussing Pride Month, or Will’s enjoying Queer Eye is because we see a need in the LGBT+ community for Jesus!

In some way, we see Jesus calling many of us into that field to do our best to show or tell about Him to people!

The reality is the church has done damage to people who once “struggled with SSA” and are now completely immersed in the so-called “gay lifestyle.” They want nothing to do with the church because they were damaged by a brother in Christ in some way!

The LGBT+ community is the only safe place where many gay people can be themselves, because we chased them there. We see that, but some here don’t want to admit it!

And how have we responded to this LGBT+ exclusion? Basically, we’ve been too scared to go up to a gay or lesbian or transgender person and redeem the love that we were supposed to show them at the beginning. We just talk to our church friends about how to love someone who’s gay or type out how we are supposed to love them on our computer, safe inside our bubbles that we’ve created for ourselves instead of actually being the hands and feet of Jesus!

Come on, guys! Grow some balls, get out there, and show people we actually love them and are not hateful, bigoted Christians!

Author Ravi Zacharias says this:

God loves those who persecute His Name and hate His Name. All the other [attributes] is true, but this one often misses us.

I’ve been so disappointed with some of the comments that I’ve read here lately, like we’re not supposed to be “unequally yoked with an unbeliever” (2 Corinthians 6:14-18), or that we should “abstain from every form of evil” (1 Thessalonians 5:22). Verses that have been taken out of context and used to condemn YOB because you won’t man up and actually witness to a gay man yourself.

Yes, we know these verses from Scripture, and yes we do know that we need to be diligent in our holiness unto the Lord. But we’re not stupid as well!

The reasons why we talk about identifying as LGBT+ instead of being Christ-like, or wanting to go to Pride, or talking about the beauty of Queer Eye is because transparency is hard to come by and many are just too scared to say things aloud.

You guys can’t even say it to yourselves — that even though you know you’re identifying with Christ, you still, in this earthly body, can’t identify who you are!

I know there are people who judge us and talk crap about us, people who have been Christians for five to ten years and still struggle with their sexuality, still moan about how their SSA isn’t going away, and hold onto this victim mentality and humanistic-savior-idolatry — yet they throw Scripture at us, thinking that we’ll “repent of our backsliding” when in actuality they can’t even take care of their own stuff.

I hate the hypocrisy of it, and I see some of you guys becoming like the Pharisees who used to walk among the crowd, holding their cloaks closely to them because they didn’t want to touch the regular people for fear they’d become “unclean” and that God would judge them for their uncleanness.

I see a smug attitude of the Pharisees, praying inside your hearts like the ones in Luke 18:10-12 —

God, I thank You that I am not like other men — extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as this tax collector. I fast twice a week; I give tithes of all that I possess.

There are people in the LGBT+ community who God is trying to call out to live for Him. To instill within them a prayer like verse 13: “God, be merciful to me, a sinner.”

How will anyone in the LGBT+ community ever get to that point if all they see is stupid, hateful comments?

The difference between YOB and those who are starting to view us negatively is that we’re willing to go into the darkness to rescue the LGBT+ community. The reason why some of us identify as gay is because we’re sick and tired of this place of victimhood with our sexuality, scared of what people will think of us if we admit that we’re gay.

God has called us to go to the place of the lost and hurting, not be stuck in a place of fear for years!

You can’t minister to people from a closet; you can’t meet the needs of real people behind fake names and accounts; you can’t reach the uttermost when you flinch at reality and refuse to meet people who need Jesus right where they are and RIGHT WHERE YOU LIVE!

And here’s another thing. You don’t condone drunkenness because you ate at an Applebee’s; you don’t condone prostitution because you walked down a city street; you don’t condone ungodly gay living because you went to Pride.

You just went to Pride. You’re not there to preach; you’re there to learn. Learn from people who could truly show you how Jesus wants us to love one another, without reservation and condemnation. Simply for being a fellow human.

To make this more personal, I have two gay friends. They’re a couple in the military, and they were both hurt by the church growing up. Both have been bullied and condemned for ever blurting out their homosexual feelings and wanting to feel that they’re just normal. The church kept telling them that if they ever watched or did anything gay-related, God would condemn them to hell.

Now, both have left the church and don’t ever want to go back because of all they’ve endured.

I’ve been this couple’s friend for a good four or five years, and they’ve been surprised that I’m willing to go to Pride with them, be honest with my feelings about homosexuality, yet still talk about God and how I’m continuing to go to church and put myself under the authority of Jesus Christ.

Why? Because I am not afraid to go into the darkest place and be the light that God has called me to be. I see something in both of them — and in all the people I meet in the LGBT+ community. I am willing to die for them just so they can hear the Gospel and be changed by the power of God. Even if it takes them a really long time. I’m in it for the long haul!

Gay people aren’t the enemy, but you have to meet them to know that. Then you have to meet the one in the mirror. And once you love that guy, also realizing he is worthy of love, you can love anyone.

Pastor and author Levi Lusko says:

Comfort zones don’t keep us safe; they keep your life small.

Your Other Brothers is growing, and we have a calling here! If you can’t accept that, then go click on the X button up top! Unfollow us if you want to! Stay stuck in the place where you are now, and pretend you’re growing in God when in actuality you’re not!

I told ya this was gonna hurt, but it needed to be said. If you came this far, congratulations! I know this post is long and maybe hard to swallow, but hopefully it did challenge you guys in some ways.

My parting advice is to pray and ask God to reveal stuff in your life that has been a hindrance to the LGBT+ community.

Deep down, if you’re completely honest, are you scared of having a dialogue with someone who’s gay? Do you use Scripture to condemn homosexuality as a ploy to escape the responsibility of reaching out to someone in the LGBT+ community?

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