Hello, friends! We haven’t posted a newsy item on the site since our two-year anniversary post . . . nearly a year ago. Oops. Better late news than the nonsensical 24/7 news cycle, though, right?

Before we celebrate our third birthday this fall, I wanted to introduce you to our newly updated Resources page!

If you’re not already aware of this Resources tab, we recently added to it. Check it out for books, blogs, and podcasts recommended by our authors. We may not necessarily collectively endorse every single resource on this page, but at least a few of us have found these books, blogs, and podcasts particularly helpful in this journey.

We hope at least one of these resources can aid in your own journey, whether you’re LGBT+, SSA, or a loved one or fellow believer seeking greater understanding and empathy on issues of sexuality and gender identity.

I recently appeared on my friend Richard’s podcast for The 4T’s and the Church. I’ve met Richard multiple times now, and I’m so grateful for his heart and outreach. We had a phenomenal conversation on his podcast, discussing our similar though very different ministries — ours primarily geared for folks with a homosexual orientation and his for heterosexual people in the Church.

It was also awesome hosting Richard on our podcast some time ago as we talked about touch.
YOB is on a blogging break this week as several of our authors gather for our annual retreat. Please pray for us this week as we rest and recharge and reconnect. We’ll be back on schedule next week!

We’ve got some insightful new blogs coming, including a recap of the controversial Revoice conference which several of our authors attended last week. We’ll also be diving back into regular podcast and video production this month, so stay tuned.

In the meantime . . .

Would you rather know the month of your death (but not the year) or the year (but not the month)?

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  • Hey Tom! Thanks for the resources! I have read most of those books and benefitted from each. I had dinner with Richard last month and greatly enjoyed learning about the 4 Ts. The church needs to pay attention to what he is saying. I truly don’t expect to die. My life has been so victorious (note the irony in my voice? oh, that’s right, I’m not speaking) that I expect a chariot to fly me away anytime. My wife and I are in disagreement on this.

  • Thanks for the updates! Look forward to hearing more about the Revoice Conference…wish I could have gone.

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