It’s MANLY MONDAY! In this episode, I dive into two storms from Scripture: one with Jesus in the boat and one with Jesus on the waves. He’s present in both storms but also calling us to something beyond.

Enjoy our latest episode, and please offer your aesthetic expertise and stories in the comments below:

What storms has Jesus walked you through, and what storms have felt void of his presence? What are some impossible waves he’s called you to walk on? And…which chair do you prefer?

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  • Not sure if it’s coincidence talking about storms on World Suicide Prevention Day but talk about storms. It’s kinda weird how church is like the hardest place to talk about suicidal stuff and that shouldn’t be. I don’t want to be speaking for anyone else but this ssa journey takes you to dark places that can be overwhelming. It can be hard to see Jesus in the storm sometimes and it helps to have a brother encourage your faith. I’ve known two who tried to go it alone who didn’t make it and I’ve been there. If you’re there, talk with someone who cares that you make it, which is a whole lot more people than you’d believe.
    For the chairs, you can’t be living not far from High Point NC, the east coast mecca of furniture with its 50+ furniture stores and go with “Amazon chair.” Seriously, go PC, get a podcast chair. Until then, swivel over rocker.
    With the Jesus’ stories, they should be the most alive things, they all point to something about Jesus beyond just the story itself. But yeah, sometimes hearing them again is just hearing them again. If you haven’t seen it, someone posted the entire Gospel of John movie to YouTube. It’s just the words from the bible, and I don’t know if it’s more the actors or the translation they were using, probably both, but the story came alive.

  • Great video Tom! I did a talk on this very thing last year to several groups…and trust the Lord it blessed those who heard. I used the passage from John 6 and Psalm 46 as a backdrop to explain a “storm” I went through once…(not a literal storm as in the weather) when I didn’t know if I would would make it…and how the tender care of my Father in Heaven took care of me.

  • Sounds like I’m taking the minority view in the #CHAIRLEMMA… I like the rocker better. The natural colors and textures go better with the the atmosphere and the rest of the set, IMO. The Amazon chair looks generic and impersonal. Tom! You deserve better!
    Naturally, Florence is on my mind tonight. As a homeowner, even light rain agitates me more than I ever thought it could. (One roof leak will do that to you.) Even though I’m a bit inland, this hurricane is going to be a RIDE. In a hurricane I’m forced to remind myself that it’s okay if a branch falls on my roof and some water gets in. It can be repaired; it’s something I can overcome. Maybe one thing about storms is that they force us to let go of the things that don’t really matter. I have bottled water and non-perishables and batteries and friends nearby. I hold all other expectations loosely. Looking back on the metaphorical storms of my life I can see how Jesus used those times to lead me to let go of things that didn’t really matter, to lead me back to himself.

    • Prayers for the literal storm coming your way, Ryan. And I don’t mind the chair’s look so much, but it CREAKS. Unless I’m perfectly still. Which I never am.
      I’ll pray about #CHAIRLEMMA these next two weeks.

      • I was going action over looks. The rocker looks better but I can’t get this image out of my head. Didn’t Ms. Doubtfire at the end of the movie do her tv show from a rocking chair? Unless you’re going to go all Robin Williams on us and wear a wig & a dress and talk higher, don’t rocker. 🙂
        Hey, thinking about all of you down south the rest of this week, and praying for much grace be given in whatever happens.

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