It’s National Coming Out Month. For this month’s MANLY MONDAY, I take a look at the hunchbacked woman of Luke 13, relating her 18-year story to my own 19-year journey of coming out and finally bringing the dark below to light. I’m convinced Jesus wants us all to come out of hiding — firstly to him and to ourselves. And eventually to others.

I’d love to learn your own coming out story.

Are you fully “out,” only out to certain people, or out to nobody at all? Share whatever you’re comfortable commenting below.

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  • If you were Catholic and went to daily Mass, you’d heat that passage every year on the Monday which falls on October 23-29. (Except when the 28th is the Monday. On weekdays that’s the feast of the Apostles Simon and Jude, and the gospel reading for the feast is Luke 6:12-16.)

  • I think of Jesus calling Lazarus out of the tomb when I think about coming out. It’s an ongoing process of being called out of the dark unhealthy places in our lives into the light. I came out to my brother & sister in 1993. My extended family figured it out I think when I brought a guy to the family Thanksgiving dinner in 1998 & he showed up ever since. I guess showing up together has been our coming out. My dad figured it out & is supportive. Lately I’ve been more forthright when asked. My father’s pastor asked if Mark was my partner & I said yes. At this stage of my life, it’s time to kick fear aside.

  • My thoughts on coming out are plenty of other places on this site so I won’t waste space reiterating them, but I liked using this story as a metaphor or lens to consider what Jesus does for us that gives us the freedom to come out. Secrets are a burden that draw our perspective inward/downward. Opening up to people can loosen our perspective, allowing it to turn upward/outward.
    Also, does anyone else get Coldplay’s “Fix You” stuck in their head after watching a Manly Monday? The background music is so similar.

  • I’m afraid I am a very private person and never say much about myself, actually. For example, earlier this year, I had gone to my Dr. and was told I would need surgery. Of course, the busybodies and nosy people wanted to know what kind of surgery etc. I really didn’t want to say…but was forced out to say it was on my male private parts. Thanks the Lord it went well!
    I never say much about myself, and my posts tend to be short. However, I’ll never forget what someone said about me. “He doesn’t say much, but when he speaks it’s significant and you need to listen.” I don’t know if that’s true, but I am a much better listener than talker.
    And finally, to keep this post short…I believe in respecting other’s privacy and never bring up anything about a person’s orientation unless they mention it. I’ve had complete strangers approach me about these things…and I want to be gracious and respond with kindness, but that’s not my style at all!
    Tom…I saw in the video someone had sent you a care package…I would do such if I knew what you liked! One of my blessings in life has been to send out care packages to people!

  • The main part that sticks out is speaking about my sexuality. For years, decades even I felt like having SSA/ homosexuality and being g a Christian just couldn’t work. So for that reason I struggled within myself to coexist between the two. Now that I am in a better place I can fully own my sexuality while knowing fully who I am in Christ. Little by little, it makes it easier to talk to people I trust because I accept who I am totally in Christ. The first few times were very emotional to say the least…. Thanks for the uplifting word from Luke 13

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