How have our culture — and we ourselves — understood and expressed issues of sexuality across the generations? Join Tom, Ryan, and Marshall for a conversation on these varying generational perspectives:

Tom and Ryan as millennials and Marshall as a baby boomer. We discuss how the generations have addressed sexuality and “coming out” over the decades, accessibility to pornography and promiscuous outlets, the “gay” identity and male-on-male cuddling, and the biggest thing in culture we’d like to see change with the next generation.

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Enjoy our GENERATIONS episode below! And don’t forget to comment: what generation do you hail from? How have you experienced sexuality and “coming out” from within your generational context? What are your thoughts on the gay label, cuddling, and anything else discussed this episode? Also: do you have any guest traditions at your home you’d like to share? Pull up a chair, and tell us a story.


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  • Jonevan,
    Thanks for your thoughtful comments on this podcast!
    There are many millenials to whom I would love to pass the baton, but I’m not finished yet myself!
    I agree that many millenials are non-committal, but not all. I see many like Tom and others at YOB who value loyalty in friendship. They don’t demand it from others, but they appreciate it when it is freely given.
    One thing that stands out among millenials is authenticity. The guy you are mentoring won’t consider marriage to a woman because he would feel fake if he was married but didn’t genuinely love her the way he should. As you pointed out many millenials are free from ageism. That has been a great blessing to me!

  • “Stories are verbal acts of hospitality.”
    Quote fits YOB, in honor of Eugene Peterson, 85, who wrote The Message and so much more. He’s in hospice today, his son says he has maybe 3 days to live.

    • I love this, and I have loved Eugene Peterson. It reminds me of a quote I heard from a Revoice speaker (I just googled it and apparently it’s from a children’s book by Barry Lopez) “The stories people tell have a way of taking care of them.” When a talkative person embarks on a long-winded story that I may have already heard a few times, I remind myself that stories are about so much more than information transfer!

      • That’s a goodhearted quote Ryan. Too often we try to get to understanding life through explaining things when often stories have more clarity and almost always more heart.

  • Kirkdaniel, bluzhawk, and others,
    As I said to Jonevan, I do believe definitions are important! These words and phrases are too ambiguous due to changing meanings: “gay, celibate partnership, sexual minority, non- traditional family, queer, cuddling, etc”. I prefer not to use these words because they are too easily misunderstood, so I will take time to explain what I mean instead of summarizing in one unclear word.

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