It’s the last Manly Monday ever! Or, wait, is it? Find out in this month’s video, where I also discuss our upcoming YOBBERS retreat, a church men’s retreat from which I just returned, the dreaded comparison game, and the prospect of encountering giants in our already promised land . . .

Do you feel God leading you into something despite imperfect conditions?

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  • April 15th has been like the worst. First, I owed taxes, then something beautiful got trashed when the cathedral burned and now it’s maybe the last Manly Monday. Bummer. Good on you for taking the time and not just posting stuff to stay on schedule. Stepping back means stepping into something greater if it’s God who’s leading you there. For sure I’ll be praying for you.

    • Appreciate the prayers, brother. Videos will continue in some capacity. Just wanting to figure out what the right ratio of video to other content I’m capable of producing moving forward. We’ll see what I figure out!

      • Hey man, you’re capable of so much. But I hope as you’re figuring things out it’s with the help of the good guys God’s placed in your life. I’ve always viewed YOB as more ministry than website, and bearing that doesn’t mean you gotta bear that alone. May God bless the road ahead of you. With God, that road always seems like He’s leading us home.

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