It’s another edition of the Manly Monthly! Our recap of the month that was at Your Other Brothers and a dive into gratitude during what can be a hard holiday season. Also Tom waters his new plants and fights a wasp!

What are you grateful for this particular holiday season? Are the holidays hard for you?





  • Oh man, a YOB Christmas would be crazy. Maybe, just maybe, one day.
    In all seriousness though, I know I’ve got a lot going for me in terms of Christian/nuclear family. I’m grateful. My heart does go out to folks in our community who do not have it. Especially these two months. God, be near.

  • Tom…holidays are better for me now that I’m out. I’m no longer expected to answer or dodge questions about girlfriends or marriage. And if they ask me about gay stuff, I can answer and testify to the fact that I have been celibate for 40 years thanks to Jesus. I am an only child and my Mom and Dad have passed, but I still have extended family that invite me for the holidays and I also get offers from folks at church and friends outside my church.
    I had a good time this year. I went to Joplin, Mo to celebrate with a former pastor / fishing buddy of mine and his wife and kids. Took a chocolate cheesecake and 16 Iowa chops and we grilled and ate, along with a number of delicious side dishes. I will spend Christmas with extended family.
    The holidays are better for me now than they used to be. Others are not so fortunate. I would suggest making an extra place at the table for someone you know is alone for whatever reason. Give them something to be thankful for.
    Jesus ate and drank with people all the time. He set the example. A meal is one good way to be Jesus to someone….even if it’s not a holiday.

    • Thanks for chiming in, brother. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving with folks. The older I get, the more single I remain, the more this notion of “making an extra place at the table” convicts me. Thanks for mentioning it. I always need reminders to look outward for those less connected and integrated than me. Blessings to you!

    • Loved reading your story. The “breaking of bread” with others is something that needs to be practiced more and more, I think. Glad the Lord has provided for you!

  • A YOB Christmas – that would be terrific! With a gift for each to open…a time of singing carols…a good meal to share…a walk around town to see the lights – now I am dreaming!

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