It’s an undoubtedly difficult season for many in our community, and we talk about singleness during the holidays: the disconnect, the loneliness, and the finding of hope and joy when hope and joy may feel so far away.

Tom, Ryan, and Jacob share their stories of holidays past and present, answering some listener questions along the way, including the concept of spending the holidays with chosen family versus blood family, and whether we’ve ever been asked if we’ve found that “special lady” yet.

We also talk to Jacob about his reaction to our last episode in which we featured the story of his coming out to his older brother, Nate. And since it’s Christmas, Tom hands out some specially themed “love language presents” to his dear brothers. They’re sure to enjoy them this Christmas.

It’s our year-ending, decade-ending, holiday-themed extravaganza of a podcast!

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How do you feel about the holidays this year? Has it changed any from previous years? In what active ways can we healthily practice both lament and joy this holiday season?


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