In the spirit of resolutions, self-improvement, and growth in this new year, we’re talking about mentors: those wise, sage-like figures who guide us through this life. Tom, Ryan, and Jacob talk about their favorite mentors in books and movies, sharing some of their own mentorship experiences from years past. What qualities do all these figures share in common? We also discuss the concept of mentoring a new generation — including whether we feel we’re even capable of such a thing.

It’s an awesome kickstart to a new year and a new decade as we recommit to producing two podcast episodes per month!

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Have you had any meaningful mentors in your life? Do you currently mentor somebody else or hope to do so in the future?


About the Author

  • I’m a 4 on the Enneagram, and I 100% agree with Tom’s remarks on the “missing relational piece” from the beginning of this discussion on mentors. That has shown up in my life in a lot of ways, and the men in my life that I have perceived as mentors have had such a profound effect on me. When someone has been a mentor figure to me and has complimented, taught, or blessed me in some way, it has meant so, so much. It seems to carry more of a weight for me than similar things from friends or family members.
    I also loved that someone brought up the idea of an older brother figure – I’m the oldest of four kids, and that’s something I’ve wanted and longed for all of my life. In recent years, I’ve become good friends with a man who is about 7 years older than me. As we drew closer together on our journey of discipleship, I began to realize that he was filling that “older brother” hole in my heart and I shared those feelings with him. He shared that he felt the same brotherly love for me, that I carry a little brother “vibe” for him. Our relationship has blessed both of our lives, especially since I opened up and had that conversation with him. I have also sought mentors in men and women who are part of my field of work and study, in spirituality, etc., but my “adoptive brotherhood” with this particular man has filled a special place in my heart and in his.
    And BEING a mentor… what a blessing that is as well. It’s incredible to feel God’s love for another person in any capacity, but to feel God working through me as a mentor for someone else is amazing and humbling.

    • Thanks for sharing, Justin. Glad to hear from a fellow Four resonating on those similar mentorship / big brother levels. So encouraged to hear about your friendship with this guy. I pray it builds in healthy awesome ways. I hope to have more defined mentors as well as mentees in my life.

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