After a long, cold, manly void of a winter, MANLY MONTHLY returns! I catch us up on the last couple months of blogs and podcasts, and I talk about the process of our site redesign – including the three bedrocks of Your Other Brothers embedded into our new logo.

Check out my news post for more background on the new design.

Huge thanks to Wesley Ayers for all his hard work on the new design! Y’all check him out on his Patreon; he’d love your support.

Enjoy the latest dose of manliness below! With the holidays behind us, the hope is to get back into a monthly rhythm with these videos. Also: let’s have a moment of silence for my succulent. Your prayers are appreciated during this tough time.



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  • Succulents like dry environments. You might try re-potting in a larger pot. It may come back to life. It’s hard to kill a cactus which means, if it’s truly dead, you have managed what many could not do. Hope you’re happy with yourself. :^)

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