Tom welcomes Ryan to talk about cooking with new creativity in the kitchen and CrossFit workouts at home during this coronavirus pandemic. They also recount Pastor Matt, AKA “Weird Jesus” from a previous YOBcast episode, and how he’s bettering the world during this quarantine.

Join us these next few weeks during the coronavirus pandemic for more 20-minute bite-sized conversations with members of the YOB and “YOB-adjacent” community. We hope these little episodes bring you even a dash of joy.

Remember: you are not alone! Even the sparrow stays at home.




  • I always have a bag of carrots in the fridge. If you eat a serving and a half of carrots per day, that will supply you with all the vitamin A you need for the whole day. Vitamin A is very good for the eyes and if you think about it, have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses?

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