Tom welcomes back Dean for a once-in-a-lifetime recap of the pandemic-prompted return of Parks and Recreation. It’s literally all they talk about the entire episode, and it’s glorious.

Join us in these weeks of the coronavirus pandemic for more 20-minute bite-sized conversations with members of the YOB and “YOB-adjacent” community. We hope these little episodes bring you even a dash of joy.

Remember: you are not alone! Even the sparrow stays at home.



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  • I actually haven’t listened to any of the others ConvoCasts yet (though I mean to!). I just had to revisit Pawnee with you guys! I also really enjoyed the episode/special thingy.

    • If I’m being honest this was probably the best ConvoCast ever anyway, so there you go! I’m glad you enjoyed listening. I loved the special more than I thought I would.

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