Tom welcomes back Nate to explain why he’s suddenly now on TikTok after dissing the app in his last ConvoCast. Tom also gives some TikTok and book recommendations, and the guys delve into a conversation on control – namely, losing it – during this coronavirus shutdown.

Join us in these weeks of the coronavirus pandemic for more 20-minute bite-sized conversations with members of the YOB and “YOB-adjacent” community. We hope these little episodes bring you even a dash of joy.

Remember: you are not alone! Even the sparrow stays at home.



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  • Two things came to mind while listening to this.
    First, DO A SOCIAL MEDIA FAST!!! I actually abstained from Facebook and Instagram for Lent this year, which was pretty difficult during the last couple weeks before Easter after the lockdown started. But, it was very refreshing and I should probably do it again soon. There’s something about mindless scrolling that sucks me in but also disgusts me. I think I might start watching Parks and Rec instead, especially after the glowing review from last week.
    Second, Scythe is an incredible book! Tom, I think you’ll really like the sequel as it gets darker and the stakes raise quite a bit. I still need to read last one in the trilogy, but part of me is waiting for it to come out in paperback this fall since my other copies are paperback… lol
    Y’all, I’m gonna miss the mini episodes! They’ve kept me sane during this strange season.

    • Reed, glad you’ve enjoyed these episodes! They’ve honestly kept me sane, too. Looking forward to doing more in the future as we reset our primary podcast and get some other things back online soon.
      I just finished Scythe last night, and I am so in to this series. Can’t wait to begin Book 2 soon.
      Definitely check out Parks & Rec! Probably my favorite comedy of all-time. Definitely my favorite cast.
      Extended social media fasts are tricky for me when it pertains to YOB. Do I make an exception to posting about our new blogs/podcasts and other content, or do I consider that as well in my personal fasting of social media? Or would that be “cheating”? A lot to consider, but I’m definitely thinking a short-term tech fast is in my near future.

      • I didn’t even think about the social media aspects of YOB… duh… just a lurker over here who’s been meaning to join Patreon for like 6 months now lol
        During the fast that I did, I allowed myself to check FB for updates from my school cohort. Another idea that’s been thrown around is having a weekly technology sabbath, where you put all screens down for 24 hours. My mentor likes to say that spiritual disciplines (such as a tech fast) are good for a season. How long that season is depends on the person. What that specific spiritual discipline practice looks like also depends on the person. Just a couple thoughts 🙂

        • Always welcome to join us on Patreon! Would love your support. But feel free to keep lurking if that suits you just fine, too.
          I know there are various apps that can set social media postings in advance, so there are definitely workarounds to a tech / social media fast so that the website can run itself for a while. In any case, thanks for all your thoughts on this!

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