Tom welcomes back Jacob to talk about his new buzzed haircut as well as personally thank him for gifting him his new favorite product: sleep gummies! The guys also break down their string of missed text communications and what bearing these technical mishaps have had on their friendship. Additionally, universe (especially any Twos listening), you are now obligated to send Jacob chocolate.

Join us in these weeks of the coronavirus pandemic for more 20-minute bite-sized conversations with members of the YOB and “YOB-adjacent” community. We hope these little episodes bring you even a dash of joy.

Remember: you are not alone! Even the sparrow stays at home.



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  • Ah the buzz cut…. I am lucky enough to have a roommate who cuts hair, or else I would have much less hair now.
    What does “time” mean during the pandemic? Keeping track of time / days is confusing, but I get it. And now I want to try these gummies… because sleep can be difficult.
    pent up hospitality? YES.

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