You may have noticed our website hasn’t had much activity lately in the form of blogs, podcasts, or videos. For those unaware our editor, Tom, has been experiencing significant health issues the last few weeks. He was recently hospitalized for a newly diagnosed autoimmune disease, and he is now pursuing specialist care.

Slowly but surely, YOB will come back to life as Tom adjusts to this new normal. In the meantime, he appreciates your prayers for peace, direction, and ultimately healing.

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  • Shoot, I thought y’all were on vacation. Sorry to hear that Tom’s sick, and praying for him as he fights this. Looking forward to posts being back, the absence is felt. Sending lotsa prayers, hugs & hope Tom’s way.

  • Praying for you Tom…in this season/chapter of life. I know from experience…having been critically ill once and in the hospital for quite a while.

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