“Side A” people follow Jesus with an affirming position on same-sex sexual relationships. As Jesus-followers from a “Side B” (traditional) position on marriage and sexuality, is it difficult or effortless to forge friendships with folks who are Side A? Join Tom, Dean, and Matt for a discussion on their experiences with Side A friendships: both with friends who started out Side A and also with friends who started out Side B – only for them to change to Side A.

Can Side B-turned-A friendships survive? How do we build healthy Side A friendships? We hope you enjoy our latest episode below: “SIDE A” FRIENDS.

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Enjoy our “SIDE A” FRIENDS episode! And don’t forget to comment below. We’d love to hear from you. We’re with you.

Do you have any “Side A” friends as a “Side “B” (or X, Y, SSA, etc.) follower of Jesus? Why or why not? Have you lost any fellow “Side B” friends to a Side A theology, or have you maintained and built those friendships despite the new theological differences?



About the Author

  • Yet another good podcast guys. Shout out to Matt for also being an 8 and saying get your life together. Oh how fun it is to tell people that. I do have a couple Side A friends, one of which I’ve known and been friends with for about 20 years now. She only came out as Side A about 4 years again or so, but that hasn’t changed my feelings towards her. I have a really close friend who was on the fence, but thankfully decided to stick with staying Side B, even after being in and ending a relationship with another guy for 3 years. As for me, if I had to chose a label, it would be SSA, not gay since I want what Dean has, a wife and kid. Very jealous of that by the way, sir. Perhaps one day. Thankfully my experiences with Side A folks have been good, never bashed others for deciding on a different outlook. And Dean, Destiny’s Child, really?

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