One year ago, I sat on a friend’s couch and typed out the first half of nearly a dozen “Fruit of the Spirit” blogs.

One year ago, I could not have been more clueless about what the year ahead had in store.

Job losses, job gains, new friendships, reconnected friendships, hurts, mistakes, changes in my journey, a pandemic — my life as I knew it in 2019 came crashing down. I basically spent 2020 rebuilding most everything around me.

This spiritual and blogging journey through the fruit of the Spirit? It was my constant. Each month, as some new insane twist came into play, I could look at each particular fruit for that month and lean into it. And God did some absolutely incredible work in my life.

As incredibly difficult as 2020 was and as much as I still feel inept with many of the fruits (looking at you, gentleness and self-control), I have grown more in 2020 than any year before.

Now, as we have entered 2021, life is still taking twists and turns like never before. This coming year will hold new adventures, new hurts, and new lessons yet to unfold.

However, one place I will not be continuing these adventures, for now, is here. On Your Other Brothers.

I love YOB. I’ve been here since day one — my first-ever post explains my “Dean” pseudonym. It’s been more than five years of blogs, podcasts, and conversations. I love my brothers, I love my readers, and I love my listeners. You’ve taken me on an incredible adventure I never could have imagined.

Please know — this is not goodbye forever. It’s more of a “see you later.” For one, I will always be here to talk and listen to anyone who reaches out to me. Second, YOB will continue to be in my prayers each and every day.

But, third, I could never permanently leave a community that has done so much for me while allowing me to give back just as much.

Thank you for an incredible journey so far, my beloveds. I look forward to seeing you again soon. May your 2021 be a year filled with the hope and promise of Christ.

All my love.

Your brother,


Let’s show Dean some love in the comments! What’s your favorite Dean Samuels blog?! Or podcast? Or friendship moment? We love you, brother, and hope to “see you later” in these parts again before long.


    I write under this pseudonym account and do my best to pursue Jesus Christ every day. I fail often, yet I get back up each time. I am married to an incredible woman I call Lisa – she is far better than I deserve. My daughter is one of the greatest joys of my life. And in my spare time, I watch my favorite TV shows and movies, play RPG video games, and hang out with my friends. Yes, I am a nerd and I am proud of it.

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