Gregory Coles joins us for a conversation on belonging as we discuss his new book, No Longer Strangers: Finding Belonging in a World of Alienation. We learn some of Greg’s story, growing up as a missionary’s kid in Indonesia, and his winding journey of geographical and cultural belonging in the United States.

We also talk to Greg about the aftermath of coming out in his first book, Single, Gay, Christian, including the beauty and challenges that decision has brought him. We dive into the Jesus-inspired concept of bringing belonging to others, and how sexual minorities may find belonging in the Church.

Join Tom, Ryan, Jacob, and Greg for this “sweet” discussion, and come belong with us!



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How do you feel when you hear the word belonging? Does it conjure up a sense of home or a sense of longing? How have you struggled or succeeded to belong in the Church?

About the Author

  • I so enjoyed this podcast…and it hit home. Since moving down to the south from New York, I’ve struggled to sense I fit in here in the community or at church. There is such a critical, gossipy, judgemental spirit that is so pervasive. One of my favorite hymns that gives me comfort is “Now I Belong To Jesus”.

    The chorus goes like this:
    “Now I belong to Jesus
    Jesus belongs to me
    Not for the years of time alone
    But for eternity.”

    Thanks again for sharing this vital Podcast to all of us misfits!

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