The YOB ConvoCast continues with another 20-minute conversation! And it’s all thanks to our increased support on Patreon. Thank you, patrons!

This episode Tom convos with one of our authors, Daniel from London! We catch up with the no-longer-unsung hero of the YOB website and our recently held YOBBERS digital retreat. We hear how the pandemic is going across the pond, and Daniel teaches Tom some Filipino words and phrases — including some gay slang!

Enjoy the episode! And always remember: you are not alone. Even the sparrow…stays at home.


1. Kilig 2. Gigil 3. Portuguesa 4. Keri 5. Fezticles 6. Nakakapagpabagabag 7. Pinapahirapan mo ako! 8. Bababa ba? Bababa. 9. Pitumpu’t-pitong puting pating 10. Pitumpu’t-pitong puting bading 11. Hindi ka nag-iisa. Kahit ang maya ay nakakahanap ng tahanan.

About the Author

  • As a Fil-Am YOB fan I stan this pod. Very enjoyable hearing Tom do his best pronouncing Filipino words, and learning new phrases myself.

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