After 5+ years, we’ve finally launched a YOB store! Check out our “You Are Not Alone” diner mug, along with YOB stickers, a magnet, and Tom’s first book. With more items to come!

Portions of each YOB store purchase go toward our YOBBERS retreat scholarship fund, which will help our community members attend future annual in-person gatherings. Additionally, every store item purchased helps get the heartbeat of YOB further into the world.

Many thanks in advance! We have the greatest supporters, and we love you all.

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  • The color of the mug is Ivory…(elephant teeth). Your water bottle looks more like a beer growler. I like them all actually. I will look into it.

  • Super cool! Can’t wait to get a mug. Quick question – shipping came up (at least for me) as $10 (originally said “flat rate of $25). Is that correct or am I missing something? Maybe I need another cup of coffee (in a YOB mug) to clear my thinking, but help me out if you will regarding this shipping. Thanks!

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