It’s the YOB days of summer, as they say. Normally we don’t hold summer retreats, but 2020 (and 2021) have been anything but normal years. As such, because of our repeatedly rescheduled retreat next month, YOB will be taking a little summer break.

We have a new YOBcast coming later this week, our “season finale” of sorts, along with a couple bonus YOBaLOGUE episodes for our Patreon supporters in the weeks to come. Otherwise, we’ll be taking a step back as our leadership team prepares for this retreat — our first gathering since May of 2019!

We’ll be back in the early fall with a regular blog and podcast schedule once again. In the meantime, check out our archive if you’ve missed a post! Our popular posts are a great place to start.

Enjoy your summer, friends! And send us some prayers as we gather together soon. We are grateful indeed for this community.

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