We’ve returned from our once-again-annual YOBBERS retreat, and oh what a time we had. Over forty of our Patreon supporters (we call them YOBBERS) drove and flew from around the United States as we converged for a wonderful weekend of laughs, tears, and stories aplenty.

These regular gatherings are “thank you” celebrations of our community. YOB truly couldn’t continue to exist without their faithful support.

We’ll be sharing some of those retreat stories on our blog and podcast in the weeks to come. We’ve missed telling our stories across both mediums!

After nearly six years on the Internet, we’ve formed two sides to YOB: the content and the community. After taking a couple months to prepare for this retreat and then basking in that weekend with our wonderful community, we can’t wait to dive back into our content.

Stay tuned! We’re grateful for all the support – on Patreon and otherwise!

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  • Wow – I’m glad you all had a chance to get together! Wish I could have been there, but, being a caregiver, such is not possible to get away anywhere! Look forward to hearing more!

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