Do you ever see some of yourself in a character from a book, movie, or TV show? Why is that important? And why is it particularly important to feel represented with our sexuality? When have we found relatable, satisfying LGBT+ characters, if ever, and when have certain characters left us with longing? Is there any hope for a compelling, mostly satisfying “Side B” gay representation in media? Join Tom, Aaron, and Ryan for a discussion Ryan’s been wanting to have for years!


Which characters do you relate with as it pertains to your sexuality? Do you have any hope or optimism for a compelling “Side B” media representation?

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  • The night I saw the Pixar movie Luca, just last October, was the night I “came out” to myself (I’m 24). I read discourse online about the movie being very LGBT+ (as much as a movie about kids can be, of course) or it being simply about a healthy friendship between boys. Like y’all mentioned on the podcast, the relationship between Alberto and Luca is hard to categorize. It was while watching that movie that I sort of realized that what I was telling myself was a simple desire for intimate male friendship was actually the experience of many gay and side B people. I was free to admit to myself that I am gay, and that my sexuality and attractions are not only about sex, but also about relating to other people in a unique way through friendship, etc. I was free to admit that my loves are at least hard to categorize, and allowing myself to acknowledge that ambiguity and sit with it instead of deny it. I especially related to the character Alberto, particularly his jealousy of Giulia and the attention she was receiving by his best friend Luca. I have experienced that jealousy many times before I understood what those feelings were.

    I just found this podcast/community a few weeks ago and have been bingeing some older episodes. Thanks for the work you guys do and for your faithful witness to Christ!

    • Thanks for commenting, Ian! I’m glad you found our podcast and blog. Thanks also for sharing some of your Luca thoughts. I can definitely relate with Alberto’s side as well (along with much of Luca’s). Hopefully we can do a Luca podcast soon with Eugene, who recently blogged about it too.

      Enjoy the podcast binge! Hope to see you pop up again in these comments.

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