We’ve referenced it again and again for dozens of episodes, and now we’re finally devoting an entire episode to the Enneagram! We open up the Enneagram box and share what we’ve found helpful for our personal growth in this trendy personality system. How does the Enneagram impact our self-awareness? And how does this self-awareness impact our view of others?

Join Tom, Ryan, and Ben for an overview of the Enneagram! We dive into the stats of all the types in our community and share a little about our own types. And get ready for the YOB ConvoCast summer series to come, featuring discussions with each of the nine types in our community!

Additionally, as announced in this episode, we’re exploring the potential for a Your Other Sisters community! If you’re a woman interested or intrigued, or know a woman who might be and would like to learn more, shoot us an email: contact@yourotherbrothers.com. Be sure to leave “YOS” in the subject line! We’d love to explore this conversation with you.



What’s your Enneagram origin story? What’s been your biggest Enneagram takeaway toward personal growth?

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  • No but seriously, you could re-explore the Enneagram every other year and have it be transformational and eye-opening to your situation, as you said. When I discovered it, I was hanging with my friend from high school, Danielle, who is a psychologist now and was using the Enneagram to help counsel executives in corporate team building. I didn’t go off the deep end and buy up all the books right away, but after taking the test (I was a toxically overcommitted Three at the time, a few years ago) it revealed some critical mistakes I’d been making in my life. As well as my natural abilities and interests.

    My highest number percentages were 3 (The Achiever), followed by 4 (The Artist), followed by 1 (The Liberator/Perfectionist). But I actually have been using the 2 wing for decades (The Helper) to avoid manipulating you too hard or lying to you flat-out. Since I recognized from an early age in my faith that that was my design’s shadows, and that Jesus probably wouldn’t ever do that to you. So I downplayed my out-front leadership and driven-ness (obsessive visionary-ness) relentlessly. Pretty fascinating! LOVE this new podcast series!!

    • Thanks for the love, Mike! I’m already really enjoying this series that’s been on my YOB bucket list for years. Can’t wait to make all the Ennea rounds this summer!

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